Friday, June 24, 2011

Back to Omo! Chicken

Omo! Chicken

Yesterday I'm back to Omo! Chicken at Gandaria City, as usual the tomato wings satisfy me and there's something different, yes, the rice is softer now. The dressing on the salad also more, so no complaint at all  . . . . feels like wanna do an evil laugh ---  but in a good way ^0^

What kind of other menu did I tried yesterday?  Samgak Kimbap with chicken for Rp.15.000 (incl PPN) is perfect for a quick lunch and takeaway.

 What I love about Samgak Kimbap? The nori, succulent rice, tender chicken, veggies inside like pepper bell, the tasty flavor (not spicy, so kids go ahead), I think it's another health conscious meal that you'll love. One problem thou' . . . . Hardly can't stop just eating one.

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