Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Body Butter Lychee Blossom by The Body Shop

Lychee Blossom Body Butter

Normal Price at Rp. 189.000

 When you open it at the store and tried the tester the scent seems mild, but at home it seems the scents are getting stronger

A burst of delicious Lychee is just so sweet and hard to resist. The butter is thick but it's melting on my skin.

Despite the thick cream feeling it absorb very well and leaves mt skin protected and smell great.


Lychee TBS 

Fresh lychee scent that will surely be a hit! It is sweet and fruity, suitable for daily use and a quarantee of a body butter to keep your skin 'buttery' all day long... Like 24 hours. Suitable for traveling, in plane dryness or in air con room every single day. Suitable for anyone who loves fruity freshness and the guarantee of moist skin all day long (and night). A staff in TBS told me, it can really stay on 24 hours as long you didn't wash the skin with soap, water? No problem!


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  2. You're welcome ^_^ hopefully in some ways the posts help your energy to rise up heehee.