Monday, August 25, 2014

Baby Color Super Yoghurt in Pink

Hello all,

lately when talking about looks it's not just about makeup, but the whole package including hairdo like wig and contact lenses too. Provided by I'm trying their Baby Color Super Yoghurt in Pink, a yearly decorative contact lenses.


Available in various strength the softlenses looks super duper cute. They are all sealed nicely and also provide me with a piggy case.

The multicolored lens is larger than my original size. It made my eyes appear bigger and more appealing. The softlenses itself are quite comfortable to be used from the first usage, but I think I need a larger ring for the pupil since my vision are still a bit blocked (cloudy).


The lens give me a brown to pinkish tone, which I really like. I'm using the lenses all day long outdoor and indoor. So far the lenses doesn't make the eyes feels dry but don't use it longer than 8-10 hours for safety issue as recommend by any ophthalmologist. The lenses itself will feel less comfortable after being used for more than 8 hours.

During cleansing, it need to be rubbed. For me somehow the product is more prone to particles than clear contact lenses. Perhaps it is due to the different surface.


I'm using them during the video shooting in Tokyo for promoting the beauty tour, once the video is ready for sharing I'll post it on my social medias and you can see me in video with the Baby Color Super Yoghurt in Pink. 

Here's my recent image using the cute lenses

Thank you

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