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Express Lash in Bloom: Cluster Extentions, at Browhaus (Senayan City)

Hello lovelies,

I just got back from Browhaus at Senayan City. Yes, I want to make this experience fresh, so fresh that I still remember every little details.

First, why? Why do I make this post or do the lash extension process? None other than there's so many eyelash extension on the rise as we speaks. Many has done it at local salons or beauty clinics. Some has their woes of the lashes are falling off as fast as the next day to those who feel discomfort during the process.

To enlighten all of that, I think for me personally, it is best to go to the expert, a place where I always feel safe and secure. They are so far the expert in the brow business, waxing (with Strip Ministry) and lashes too. With full safety and quality in one hand, all of their procedure and products are carefully chosen and delivered to the customers in the so far the best manners possible.


Consultation is always put upfront, even when you're about to do the service they will advice all the pros and cons before hand. When I'm going to do the procedure, looking at my slightly red eye, the staff ask me to wait, but since the redness only cause by sleep deprive, I'm moving on.

For the Lash in Bloom, there are several types, the one that is really famous is the extending from the natural lashes. So it's the same like hair extension, where in here, they only adding the hair on the strong ones.


Right in front of the counter, there's the image of Lash in Bloom. The before and after looks natural, yes, this is probably the natural option. There are also dramatic and natural with darker shades, so it's looks like you're wearing a mascara.

Please do read the details provided by Browhaus.


All details made available by
(please go directly to their site to found out more, ask more, or current promotion available)

What is Lash in Bloom?
Lash in Bloom is a semi-permanent eyelash extensions that are applied individually by hand to give you fuller, longer and natural looking lashes. Using fine quality, lightweight individual lash, we are able to customize the length and density of the lashes to create the perfect set of lashes to frame your eyes. At Browhaus, we offer standard Lash in Bloom and Express Lash in Bloom.
Lash in Bloom offers maximum comfort for wearing and last from 2 to 4 weeks.


How are the lash extensions applied?
Each single strand lash is tabbed closely to your lash line. Utmost care is taken to make sure that there is minimum contact with your skin.
How long will my lash extensions last for?
With proper care, our treatment will last for 2 to 4 weeks. It is strongly recommended to come in for a touch-up every 2 weeks after the initial full-set of application. This is to replace any lashes that may have fallen out. Follow our simple Aftercare guide for maximum durability.
What is the difference between our Lash In Bloom treatments and traditional lash extensions at other salons?

The main differences lie in our new adhesive formula, our lash quality and application technique. Traditional lash extensions are usually bonded with an adhesive that can harm your eyes. These extensions will also cause fuming that will in turn irritate your eyes, especially when they come in contact with water.
Our new glue is an odourless, non-stinging adhesive that is strong yet comfortable and safe for your eyes and lashes. Our lashes are also extremely lightweight and will not cause your natural lashes to fall off prematurely.
Should I add mascara, or any other kinds of eye make-up to my lash extensions?
It is not necessary. Lash in Bloom naturally darkens your lashes and lash line. If desired, you may apply eye shadow or other types of eye make-up for your preferred enhancement. Use a water based eye makeup remover when removing eye makeup.

Can I use eyelash curlers on my lash extensions?
We do not recommend the use of mechanical eyelash curlers on your lash extensions as the curlers might have a damaging effect on them.
How do I prevent my natural lashes from falling out?
Do not tug or rub your lashes. We also do not recommend wearing it longer than the stipulated period of 2 to 4 weeks. Application of a lash nourishing serum is highly recommended after removal of the lash extension to ensure healthy lashes.
Can my lash extensions be removed?
The adhesive is of professional use and we would highly recommend you to come back to us for a safe and thorough removal without damaging your natural lashes.


Lash in Bloom Aftercare Tips
  • Avoid getting your lashes wet within the first 24 hours. Allow the adhesive some time to dry thoroughly. A light bath or shower is advisable.
  • Avoid hot steam from the shower and sauna as well as swimming pools and tanning salons for the first 48 hours.
  • Avoid splashing water directly onto your face. Cleanse your face with a facial sponge or cloth instead. This is to prevent the lashes from getting entangled.
  • Avoid the use of all oil-based products and make-up removers on or near your lashes. Oil may dissolve or weaken the adhesive bond. Use only water-based make-up removers if necessary.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes constantly after the treatment. Gently pat and cleanse your eye area in outwards motion.
  • Use lint free cloth/cotton pads to remove make-up from around your eye area. Do not use cotton balls or swabs directly on your lashes as the fibers may get entangled with your lash extensions.


Like on the title, I'm choosing Express Lash in Bloom: Cluster Extensions. The result is dramatic, like using a falsies, this is what I want, something that beyond natural. And for me, I think this is the right choice as well, as the extensions are not from the lashes but attached to the lids.

The difference between Lash in Bloom and Express Lash in Bloom is the end result, the process is a bit the same, sticking the hairs to add lashes. Express Lash in Bloom adding volume and extensions in clusters by placing them in between lashes, while Lash in Bloom is like the description above by Browhaus, adding the length of hair by sticking extension on the existing lashes. So the Lash in Bloom is more suitable for those who have strong existing lashes, so the strands become longer and the lashes looks more obvious but still natural.

According to the team at Browhaus Senayan City, usually, Express Lash in Bloom stays on longer compared to Lash in Bloom, and I also avoid the risk of my lashes, if it's not strong enough, they could fall off. Again, this is the importance of having a consultation before the procedure, so Browhaus can suggest which one suits you best.

After choosing Express Lash in Bloom, they ask me about the length, offered medium by Ms. Diana (my therapist) I opt for the longest ^___^

Before continuing with the process, she reminds me about the after care, which is the same as Lash in Bloom.

Actually, I really want to make a live video during application and the whole time I'm in the Browhaus, but due to some sensitive issues, I can't. The products and everything used is discreet, but they assured me everything is on and by Browhaus products and standards.

Put on a very comfy chairs, the ones that everyone sits during brow's sessions, I lay down the whole 60 minutes, I doze off in a matter of minutes. The procedure is comfortable, fast, I do feel a bit tweak and pulled on some parts of the lids, but it is completely painless. I do feel some itchiness on a few areas on the lids when the clusters is stick, but goes away in a matter of a minute or two.

Overall, I feel it as a breeze, from the beginning where Ms.Diana cleans the area and put some white stickers on my lower lids to put every lashes on to waking me up, it's like hello, waking up with a full lashes like using falsies. At first, it is a bit sticky when I just opened my eyes (yup, during the whole process we can't go anywhere and we can't open our eyes), but Ms. Diana do her magic and everything become comfortable, as comfortable as using my own falsies. But this time, I don't have to put it off at the end of the day. I just let it stays on me.


Ta da!

What do you think of the before and after?! Looks really different isn't it?! It's kinda the point of being dramatic ^__^

Like using a full falsie, the vision also a bit like using a personal umbrella on each side of the eye, there's definitely an added weight, but I get used to it since it's literally like using falsies, only a bit lighter than my usual's, perhaps because it is attached to the lids.

Definitely feels safe and secure since all the material used is safe for the eyes, since I know there are salons that uses ingredients or glue that can harm the eyes.

Browhaus also provide a free tune up, from tomorrow until the 7th day. I'm going back for tune up and I'll make more post or perhaps a mini vlog, where I'm just showing off the lashes after a week being applied and after tuning up.


Thank you so much Browhaus!!

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