Monday, September 1, 2014

Bisou BE-1104

Hi everybody,

This very cute and interesting lashes is from @AYOUBeauty. I posted once sometime ago and wrote that I only use it on special occasion since the shape is so unique. So I did. I use it during my trip to Tokyo last week.


The lashes are slanted to the side instead of curling up like most of fake lashes out there in the market.The price at AYOU is Rp.42.500. You may contact the directly, here:
kakaotalk user ID: ayoubeauty
LINE user ID: ayoubeauty
BB pin: 73E131CF
whatsapp & sms only: +6281311020323
Tel: (6221) 62302121/ 62302122


The glue provided is suffice, but putting it on need a bit of an effort. But it worth the shot, the result is a pretty unique form of lashes.


When treated gently the lashes can be used repeatedly, when pulling it off, always pull from the thicker lashes area and then gently peel it off, either from the container or from the eye lid.

Clean the used lashes from previous glue before storing and always use clean fingers when touching them.


On me the lashes looks more obvious when my eyes are closed ^__^

Thank you AYOU Beauty.

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