Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Victorinox Swiss Army Victoria EDT

Hello lovelies,

How are you today? I hope you have a beautiful day, as beautiful as these bouquets of flowers.


Like a perfectly made bouquet of flowers, Victorinox Swiss Army has developed a fragrance fit for a modern women, fresh, delightful and fragrant.


The top note consist of fruity and floral aroma, with a hint of sweetness. The heart notes are filled with flowers from the infamous Bulgarian Rose, Lilly of the Valley and Viola, representing delicateness, independence, and sophistication at the same time. With strong and empowering base notes, made to last, and make the perfume gets even better by the hours.


Details from www.victorinox.com:

Inspired by the Original Swiss Army Knife and its unique consumer stories, Victorinox develops fragrances relentlessly committed to quality, functionality, innovation and design. Take this story from Janice K. of Shelton:“I love my Classic Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. Why would a woman want to carry a pocket knife? Well, I don’t think of it as a pocket knife, because it can do so much more. The nail file is super because I always know where it is, and it doesn’t wear out. The scissors are invaluable anyway. And the screwdriver on the top of the nail file was useful while I was travelling, when the handle on my luggage was loose. It was great to be able to fix it myself, it gave me just a reassuring feeling of self-confidents. It is definitely good to have it on hand for both; weekend trips to the countryside and for longer journeys.”

This fragrance perfectly embodies a woman's independence in day-to-day life. It is very feminine and stylish, yet simple and discreet. It fits every occasion and every mood, and thus makes for a reliable everyday companion.

The packaging itself is pretty simple yet the clean finish and design makes it very attractive and I must say, a bit injustice to what's inside. When I see the box and the bottle, the fragrance seems cold and distance, it is modern alright but what's inside is a very beautiful fragrance that not just reminds me of a fresh bouquet of flowers but a better version of it. A cleaner and aromatic version of the prettiest bouquet.

The bottle itself is actually elegant, detailed and symbolic to the Swiss Army. It speaks perfections in the curve, shade, cap, color and finish, it is actually like something that can make bouquet bursting out of it with full force of fragrance. Like the one that causing all the attention.


This beautiful fragrance is suitable for those looking for a crisp aroma that reminds them of a field full of flowers in the summer or late spring. Fresh, light enough for a day use yet fervent enough as an evening wear.

I like the fragrance since it is unique, chipper, and bring a different nuance than other perfume on the market.

Interested? Wanna try to win one?


Here's the details, read it carefully:

1st – 3rd Prize:

Victoria EDT 100ml worth Rp 1.010.000
Hand bouquet voucher worth Rp 500.000

The closing date is October 18th 2014 at 24:00. The winner will be informed via email by October 26th 2014. In order to be eligible to win a prize in this competition, participants must post their bouquet in the voting gallery.

Participants are invited to create a bouquet of flowers according to the instructions provided in http://victoria.victorinox.com/indonesia and to send this via email with a personal message to friends and family, as well as to take part in the competition. The number of bouquets that can be created or sent via email is unlimited.


Neat isn't it?! Just by creating a bouquet and you could win yourself this wonderful perfume and a bouquet. What are you waiting for, start creating and win them!


After participating, don't forget to share so other can start dreaming in winning this lovely prize as well.

Thank you Victorinox Swiss Army Indonesia.

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