Monday, September 1, 2014

Lipfinity by Max Factor in Always Delicate 006 and Spicy 070

Hello lovelies,

These are the two new shades from Max Factor Lipfinity collection. The lip colors that stated to stay for 24 hours.

MAx Factor Indonesia handed me the 006 in Always Delicate and 070 in Spicy.


Details from
The original long-lasting lip colour is the perfect way to make a lasting impression. Now with a new applicator for true bold colour  that stays put all day.
  • Hot must-have shades that last for up to 24 hours.
  • Moisturising balm gives a smooth finish with luscious shine.
  • New applicator for a defined, bold finish.
  • Available in a range of 25 subtle to vibrant shades
Top tips for how to apply
  • 1
    Always apply Lipfinity colour to clean, dry lips.
  • 2
    First, line your lips using the Lipfinity applicator.
  • 3
    Then turn the applicator over and fill in your lips.
  • 4
    Wait for one minute for the colour to dry, and then apply the moisturising balm. Reapply the balm topcoat regularly throughout the day.


I'm excited to try them on as I really like stay on lippies, they 'll stay with me throughout the day and just need a lip balm to makes them glossy again. The stay on also usually didn't make a mess once set. So when eating and drinking or changing clothes, they'll stay there....well, expect when eating oily foods, they'll run alright.


Each of the lipstick comes with a balm, so they are sold in set. The colors are beautiful and looks leathery when applied on the lips.

Like described above, put the color first on a clean dry lips, after that don't close or let anything touch the lips, the liquid should be completely dry without being disturbed.

Below is me using Always Delicate.


When used alone the Lipfinity color feels dry on the lips, the balm is definitely needed. Use it a little bit for a matte finish or swipe it over and over again for a glossy looking lips with color already enveloped on to the lips.


Always Delicate looks really fragile and innocent. Perfect for that nude look and maximizing the eye makeup. I really like this color, oh well, I like all of their colors and wish I have all 25 of them.

This is perfect for traveling since minimal touch up is needed. Any lip balm may be used on top of the color, I can even use a lip gloss for a different shade it creates when mixed with the colored gloss.


(using Spicy 070)

I use them during the trip to Tokyo and during video shooting as well. It's a good thing I'm using them, my lips never out of color ^__^


Above is me when using Always Delicate with a touch of another lip gloss also from Max Factor (the lip gloss will be shown on another post).

Same method of usage, let the Lipfinity color set first undisturbed before adding the Lip Gloss.


(Spicy 070)

Overall, a perfect lipstick for traveling or during a very busy day so the lips stays colored and never out of shape. The Lipfinity color create a veal covering the lips without fail. The applicator makes it easy to apply them where I want it and how I want it. I can go sheer with a thin layer or bold with thicker color applied before setting.

I really like how the color sticks with me throughout the day, it is particularly good during cold and flu as I use tissue a lot. Other lipstick will go away instantly and usually make a mess (who can sneeze beautifully?!)

When using the Lipfinity color it is best to use the moisturizing balm provided but if you happen to left it at home, other balm will do.

Try to avoid oily food or any oily particles touches the lips during usage as it can break them off your lips.

Clean them well with a lip and eye waterproof makeup remover or a good cleansing oil when you finish using them.

That's it! Will I keep using it? Definitely!

Thank you so much Max Factor Indonesia.


  1. mbak cantik... lempar sini satu hehe...
    jadi pengen coba ini.. warnanya cantik cantik

  2. Hahhaa Nisa nanti ya kita bikin aja event sama Max Factor biar bisa cobain langsung.

  3. Say, yg spicy ini warnanya agak burgundy (or it is?) Definitely wanna try the Spicy one.. Wah kalau sampe mau ada event dg Maxfactor jgn lupa post di IBB ya.

  4. Hai Revenian,

    Warnanya lebih ke ginger yg warm gitu.

    hehe kalau ada event kerjasama pastinya di share di Beauty Blogger Match Maker akuh ya :)