Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Bath Box Ocha Liquid Soap

Hello all,

I got a package of products from The Bath Box. Inside the packaging are these babies:


Ocha Liquid Soap, Party Time, Baby Attack, Arm & Leg Green Tea Butter, Luxurious Lip Balm, Vanilla Lip Taffy, and Goats Don't Lie Oatmeal.

They do have those dashing names aren't they?! With no known harmful ingredients such as paraben, sls, sles, mineral oil, or even triclosan, these babies are safe for those with sensitive skin, nursing mom, all age and all skin type.

Curious? Check out the instagram for The Bath Box products: @aischatz


The first item I've tried is the Ocha Liquid Soap. The one that smells so good.

When it's arrived there's a bit of leakage or perhaps stain at the border between the bottle and the pump. On the above image you might see the brownish color. But it's not messy nor a lot, more like just a few drops.


Now, as excited I am to try the product, I went in to the shower and I thought it would be like a very memorable experience with this self foaming liquid soap, hello, look at the ingredients, with the green tea extract and brewed green tea. But after getting myself wet and try to pump the bottle with my wet hands, it is not easy. It is much easier to pump it when the hands are dry as the liquid is a bit too thick for a pump container. It need to be diluted a bit more so the pump can went on smoothly.


Beside that, the product itself is quite good, the foam (after using a sponge) felt quite soft and fragrant. It's like a fresh jasmine tea scent. The lather cleansed the skin without making it dry. The aroma is mild, which means, it can only last for a while and gone almost the minute I left shower room.

Will I use it again? Definitely, this product is gentle enough as a facial wash as well as the skin on the body, it cleans without making the skin suffer. The only minor imperfection lies on the thickness of the liquid which after a while I can just simply add H20 into the bottle for a smoother pumping action.

Thank you @aischatz for The Bath Box.

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