Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Bath Box Luxurious Lip Balm

Hello beauties,

here is one of my favorite lip balm at the moment, The Bath Box Luxurious Lip Balm.

Please read the details on the image below.


As usual, the product contain no sls, paraben, mineral oil and other harsh chemical.

The lip balm has no scent whatsoever, the formula glide on like cold butter on the lips (but without the cold temperature). It is perfect for those looking for a lip balm that feels farm from sticky nor greasy like oils.

The balm just enveloped the lips beautifully without being too much. Suitable for daily use, kids, men, women, anyone can use this product thanks to the human-friendly ingredients and light texture without disregarding the moisturizing effect on the lips.

Chapped, dry nor just want those lips to look great, swipe it on and let the healing process begin for that healthy looking lips.


Thank you so much.

Check out the instagram for The Bath Box products: @aischatz

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