Thursday, September 11, 2014

Utama Spice Wellkiss Body Oil

Hello lovelies,

Here's another Body Oil from Utama Spice. I've reviewed the Lavender before and this is their Wellkiss range.


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This is a delicate blend of Cananga and Fennel essential oil to heal dry skin.


The texture itself is no different than Lavender Body Oil, just the amazing and lovely aroma of the ingredients, cananga. The minute I drop some of the oil onto my skin, the bursting fragrant cananga flowers like awaken my senses. It is beautiful and calming at the same time. The effect of moistening the skin is lovely and I can also use it as an enhance for any body lotion I have. It will help retain the moisture on the skin. So it add the longevity of the lotion used.

This oil itself is suitable to be used all over the skin, especially those roughs area like elbow, knee and even heels. When used at night put them all over the feet and add some cream afterwards. Any foot cream will do. Cover the feet with socks and when waking up the feet will be soft and ehm, smells good. 

The area where it dries the most will become soft and supple, gradually all the areas of the feet will become supple and healthy again. Using the correct foot cream will also help, get the one that heal cracked heals and promote moisture.

This also goes with other areas such as the hands, use the oil with hand cream, use hand gloves (preferably made with pure cotton) and leave overnight, upon opening the gloves in the morning the hands will become soft and smooth.

Why covering those area will help the skin to retain moisture? As simple as the 'mask' method, it keeps the moisture 'inside' so the creams, oils and/or other lotion 'stays' on those area and works it's magic.

Thank you so much Utama Spice.

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