Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Hello everyone,

a few weeks ago, Ricoffee owner contacted me, she send me her products, coffee. Nope, this one is not for drinking, it's a premium coffee, pure, real, no additive and chemical. They are used as a treatment for body, face and even hair plus scalp.

The details provided by Ricoffee seems impressive, it claims to have detoxifying properties, clean the skin and give a relaxing experience, prevent skin cancer, remove body odour, softening the skin, handle fat, cellulite, and stretchmarks. Able to get rid of black heads and acne as well. May be used as a hair mask and give nutrition to the hair and scalp, cleans, add glow and prevent hair fall.

Wow! It seems like a magic product.


My say:

Upon using, the coffee are placed into a container and mixed with a bit of water. The water slightly turning black. It pretty much smells and well, look exactly like coffee.

The review:

Hmm, I don't know about preventing cancer, tackle fat, cellulite, and stretchmarks. Over these past few weeks in using the products all I can say is the things that I experienced.

The granules feels rough on the skin but I really like the 'grinding' effect on the skin, because after finish the skin feels so soft and clean. But it doesn't remove body odor, or perhaps mine is too strong?!
-- When using it as a body scrub --

Now, when used on the hair scalp, I'm mixing it with my shampoo, it is a unique experience, feels like I'm deep cleansing the scalp and hair. Afterwards the hair feels clean and so does the scalp, it is very comfortable as well and no coffee after smell.

I also use it as a face scrub, it helps the skin to be firmer, as the size of the granules help 'exercising' the cells on the surface. The skin appears to be cleaner but it doesn't remove the black heads. When used as mask, it is just as it is, I prefer using it as a scrub.


It is a good scrub that makes the skin feels soft and comfortable to be used. But regarding the long term amazing result, well, I can't comment on that.

Interested in trying the product? Contact @rifitriabsa at Instagram.

Thank you.

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