Saturday, September 13, 2014

Vaseline BlueSeal Gentle Protective Jelly For Baby

Hello mommies,

and or everyone with super duper sensitive skin like babies.

This item also sent to me by @hoshikichishop at instagram. Vaseline Jelly for Baby, cute isn't it?!


A gentle, protective jelly with soothing rose and coconut oils to keep baby’s skin soft, smooth and protected.
Benefits to consumer:
I.  A baby’s skin is delicate and needs special care to avoid skin damage and nappy/diaper rash.
II. Unique mix of Rose Oil and Coconut Oil & the petroleum Jelly base.


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Locks in moisture to treat and prevent chaffed skin from diaper rash
  • Keeps your baby’s skin feeling soft, smooth and protected
  • Locks in moisture and keeps out wetness, helping to treat and prevent diaper rash
  • Gentle on skin, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores)
  • Made with triple purified 100% pure petroleum jelly. Purity guaranteed

The color is slightly yellowish compared to the original or aloe vera formula. The ingredients also slightly differ since it is made for babies. So gentle, and the aroma is well, kinda like a baby, musk and powdery.

The jelly usually use around diaper area as the jelly will help block the skin from irritants from urine and ehm, feces. It helps out during cleansing too, so the 'sticky' thingy can easily be wiped out during nappy changing.

Beside on those areas, I also use it when I see dryness on her skin, like when after light therapy.

Since the formula is gentle, the product is suitable for those suffering with dry skin. I can also use it for my upper cheek, not as a daily moisturizer, but like an overnight mask, waking up in the morning noticing that the dry skin has become moist and soft again. I have suffer dry skin condition for years now, it is an on and off condition. When I'm too tired and exhausted it will shown, the skin will flake off and makes using makeup so uncomfortable, these times are the most suitable time to use the jelly as an overnight mask.

Apply the jelly liberally on the pre-cleansed skin before bed time. Wash the mask in the morning with tepid warm water. Apply skincare that promote hydration afterwards.

Thank you @hoshikichishop (instagram)

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