Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sulwhasoo Evenfair Perfecting Cushion No.23

Hi beauty lovers,

this next item is from Sulwhasoo. A brand that is so famous in South Korea and throughout the world for having natural heritage ingredients from generations to generations.

Their skincare line are known for being light yet enriching, gives ample nourishment into the skin and have the high standard extracting ingredients by using advance technology.

Now, their foundation in a form of a cushion, also infused by the skincare, here's, Evenfair Perfecting Cushion.


Details from www.sulwhasoo.com:

A multi cushion foundation that gives you flawlessly healthy resilience and radiance with perfect coverage and long-lasting hydration.

[Anti-wrinkle/Whitening/UV Protection Functional Cosmetics(SPF50+, PA+++)]

1) The flexible film-fixing polymer forms a thin protective barrier on your skin to leave your skin flawless and
  smooth for a long time.
2) Contains apricot seed herbal moisturizer that promotes skin resilience and leaves skin fully moisturized all day.


Use a puff to release an appropriate amount and pat over face as your regular foundation.
Apply more on areas with flaws for flawless skin expression


The product looks exclusive, neat and very luxurious.

Everything and even the little details from the mirror to opening the container seems like made with care. Effortless beauty made for everyday life.


On the image above you can see the tiny pores, they looks so comfortable, like a puffing pillows.

Here is a video of me using the product.


Below are the images of my before after. Like said, I'm using it many many times.


I really like the finish it made, natural and create a healthy skin look without being thick, oily, nor matte. It's just perfect.


On the image above I'm adding a loose powder on a hot and humid day. But on a dry air or if I stay in an air conditioned room all day long, I can just use Evenfair Perfecting Cushion and then color makeup.


Interested in trying one? You can have one of these shades made available for you by Sulwhasoo Indonesia.

  • 13
  • 21
  • 23
  • 25

Counter: Seibu Grand Indonesia (021 23580179), Sogo Plaza Senayan (021 5730929), Sogo Mall Kelapa Gading (021 51329829).


On me the foundation last all day long when I didn't use any powder afterwards, sometime when I'm adding a compact powder (like on the look below) the cakey under the nose are caused by the powder. So, if you want it to last all day, a light loose powder or non will be enough, depends on your skin type and condition as well.

Tips: When using a creamy blush or other 'wet' type color makeup, it is better to put them on right after the foundation before the loose powder or when using non powder.

If you add a powder like loose or compact type, the color makeup is preferred in powder formula as well.

By doing so the finish can be dewy/moist or velvety.


Thank you Sulwhasoo Indonesia.


  1. bagus banget jadinya di kulit *-*

    btw, beberapa minggu yang lalu aku makan di kafe betawi senayan city dan lihat orang miriip bgt sama cece.. hihi

  2. Hi Vitrie,

    Iya, flawless tapi tetep ringan :)

    haha, minggu lalu saya beredar di PS dan Hotel Mulia, deket sih ^__^