Sunday, September 14, 2014

Bioderma H20 Giveaway (Sensibio and Sebium)

Hello everybody,

it's time for another giveaway!!!! This time it is Bioderma again, hip hip hooray!! Say big thanks and hugs and kisses to Bioderma, they are not just eager to give you their all time favorite cleanser the Sensibio H20 but their new one as well, Sebium H20, made specially for oily and acne prone skin (yes, I can hear your cheering from here).

Without further ado, let's start by introducing how Sensibio H20 works in this video:


For me personally, Sensibio H20 is my match made in the perfect world. Seriously! My skin is cranky, use a wrong product and they'll become very fussy, sensitive, redness appeared, and even itchy.

Sensibio H20 able to clean my skin without water, it lift up all impurities (like shown in the video above) without fail. Heavy makeup including waterproof makeup are all out.


(my cleaned skin after using Bioderma Sensibio H20 and Sebium H20 on tzone)

But if perhaps your skin is not like me, not sensitive, not dry, and not acne free, you have a choice, the Sebium H20.

As usual, I have to try it to believe it, on my t-zone. Areas where oils like to stays and occasional acne too.

Here's the video of me using them on areas accordingly.


Very nice, right?!

If you're interested, do join the giveaway.

What are the prizes to be won,?
1 winner will get a Sensibio H20 250 ml
1 winner will get a Sebium H20 250 ml
10 of the winner's friends will get a 10 ml Sensibio H20


Post a picture of the product you wish to win on your social media (it can be on facebook or instagram or twitter).

Here are the pictures of the products to be used in joining the giveaway. Just 'save' the image and upload it on your social media.


choose me,


or me?!


Tag 10 of your friends on the picture, if possible give a tittle of the image: I'm joining H20 Giveaway.

If you posted it on facebook:
Don't forget to tag my blog:
and Bioderma:

Make sure the image is open for public view so I can check it out ^__^

If you post it as a twitpic:
Tag me: @c13v3rgirl
Tag Bioderma Indonesia: @Bioderma_ID
Tag as 10 friends (can be on separate tweet)

If you post it on instagram:
Tag me: @c13v3rgirl
Tag Bioderma Indonesia: Bioderma_Indonesia
(tag 10 of your friends)

As simple as that and you're in the running of winning the product you desired (plus those 10 friends you tag get 10 ml of Sensibio H20 as well).

The giveaway start from 15-26th of September 2014.

There's no limit of the number of your entries.

Winner are chosen by Bioderma Indonesia.

Winner's will be announced 3 days after the giveaway ends

Thank you =^__^=

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  1. Hai Rifka,

    emang oke bangets hehe buat yang kulitnya berminyak n cenderung ada jerawat ini cocok lho hehe, iya ikutan ya :)

  2. ikutt ci.. aku kepengen bgt dr dulu nyobain yg sensi bio secara kulit kering nih

  3. ikutannn ci ^^ wish me luck <3
    Pengen bgt coba yg sensibio