Saturday, September 13, 2014

Browhaus Express Lash in Bloom Update

Hello everyone,

this is an update post regarding my Express Lash in Bloom experience.

Here are my before after images of before Express Lash in Bloom and after:


It made a big differences, huh?!

After around 5 days the lashes start to crumble, a few parts even went away on its separate path.


It may fall off with a bunch of them or just a few lashes. It really is depends on how you treat yours daily. I manage to keep it away from water as long as I can, at least like suggested by Browhaus, the first days. And I do not use any cleansing oil nor any other form of cleanser that contains oils. I even avoid oil based skincare around the eyes.

I already do the free touch up provided by Browhaus on Sunday (exactly 7 days after they are attached). The procedure is a breeze and a bit faster. Please do watch the video below first, where the lashes starts to witter.


You can see that the first few falls wont be much of a problem since there are still so many lashes around, still Browhaus recommend a touch up to help the lashes stays on longer.

Below is the images after the touch up


Neat right?! After the touch up I also do the suggested as before, no water for the first days, no cleansing oil until now and be gentle on those lashes. This include when I'm wearing my glasses, I can't use it properly, there has to be a distance since the lashes are so long.

When taking a shower, I can't wash my face like normally do, I use Bioderma Sensibio H20 with cotton pads every time. When waking up in the morning, I always touches my eyes, as to clean it up, I have to be really careful not to accidentally pulls it off. Last but not least, when using contact lenses, I have to gently press the lashes near the roots to keep my eyes open during placing and taking off.

Regarding the weight, it's like using fake lashes. Is it worth all the trouble? For me, YES! It help me heaps. Putting on fake lashes can be bothersome at times when I'm busy and tons of things need to be done, these babies already attached makes makeup way easier, and when going out, just put on some base makeup, do the brows, blush on and lippie. Eyeliner and eyeshadow doesn't event needed. The eyes already getting enough attention alright.

Thank you Browhaus.

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