Tuesday, September 23, 2014

V10Plus Ceramide Extract Cleansing Gel

Hey everybody (yes, I started to get bored with the greetings, hmm, what else ya, hello, hi, yo! Whaddup?!) ^___^

Anyway, this is a brand called V10Plus, 10 serums and more. Their focus is on skincare, especially serum and recently their peeling gel has been a hit in Indonesian blogger, please do check it out on their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/v10plusina

Now, I'm trying their cleanser,
The Ceramide Extract Cleansing Gel.

This rich and gentle gel cleanses impurities with Natural Plant extract. It moisturizes skin and Plant extract enhances the retention of essential moisture which keeps skin soft and smooth.
Directions: Pump a small amount (about 2 cm) into palm, lather it with water and massage over the face. Rinse off with water or lukewarm water.


The gel is clear and feels like a runny jelly. It lathers quite easy with or without using a foaming net. When using a foaming net the foam become softer with smaller bubbles than none. I prefer using a foaming net as it cleanse the skin better. There's a fresh sensation when used, it is not exactly minty, more like a bit cooling and...well, fresh. The cleansing process feels comfortable.

Daily debris, light makeup, and dirt can easily be removed, but when using heavy makeup or a sun protection products it is best to use a makeup remover first before Ceramide Extract Cleansing Gel.  

What do I love about this product?

No paraben.
Lathers well.
Suitable for daily usage.
Doesn't irritate nor make the skin dry.
Comfortable when used and after usage.

Thank you V10Plus Indonesia.

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