Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Soap Corner Mild Lavender Baby Soap and Bamboo Grass Soap

Hi pretties,

these collections are from The Soap Corner. A place where they make soaps without using harmful ingredients. Packed with natural oils and made for order as well. You can go wild or delicate as possible, the owner let you pick the scent, added ingredients and even shapes.


The two products I'm going to review now is the Mild Lavender Baby Soap which my baby currently using and Bamboo Grass Soap.

The Mild Lavender Baby Soap smells so good, we do love lavender and using it on our baby made her smells even better. The soap made the skin feels clean and a bit squeaky after rinsing, but when it is dry the skin stay supple. One thing for sure, I love the fact that it is paraben free and using no sls.

Pay attention! Many products for babies sold locally are still containing paraben and/or sls.


The owner also warns me to be careful, the product can be sting to the eyes, so stay clear of those sensitive areas when using it.

The lavender scent is mild, so I can only sniff it for a while.

Same goes with the Bamboo Grass Soap, this is not for babies, it's for us. The green shampoo lathers as easy as the baby soap. It cleans the skin well too with a delicate scent that is gone the minute I walk out the shower.


The problem with these soaps is that they are not able to stand against humidity in the shower, so I always put them outside the bathroom.

For those who prefer liquid soap, fret not, The Soap Corner also sells them in a liquid form.


Thank you so much The Soap Corner!

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