Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Utama Spice Lavender Hair Oil

Hello beauty lovers,

This is the first time I'm trying the hair oil from Utama Spice. It's Lavender Hair Oil.


Details from
Utama Spice’s all natural hair oils use premium cold pressed virgin coconut oil carefully balanced with essential oils creating unique blends rich in vitamin E to revive and restore your hair’s natural beauty.

For intense hair and scalp moisture therapy, squeeze one pence/dime shaped amount into your hand and run through your hair. Leave in for 3 – 24 hours and rinse with shampoo. Remember, a little goes a long way.

This is a relaxing and healing treatment, blended with Lavender to repair damaged hair and soothe the scalp.



I'm using the whole bottle during the trip to Japan for my scalp and hair before shampooing. I already thinking about using it as an overnight treatment but due to the hectic schedule it kinda difficult. So as a pre wash it is.

I apply little by little to the scalp first, like shown in the image below.


And then gently massage it through the scalp and all the way to the end of the hair. I really enjoy the lavender oil, it brings out aromatherapy effect and the scalp also loving it. Calming the sensitivity on the scalp while the oils on the hair makes it smooth and fragrant too.

I waited as long as possible before the night shower and when cleaning it, the oils goes down during the rinse before shampooing. It feels like the oils are covering the hair with film, making it feels smooth. Then when I'm shampooing the oils also easily cleanse without sticky effect. Continue with a conditioner and then dry the hair using a hair dryer.

The whole head has become relax and the hair feels pampered. Next time I'll try to leave it overnight, the effect must be better.


Above is the after effect, the hair is full of vitality with no greasy nor oily effect when cleanse thoroughly and used accordingly.

Thank you so much Utama Spice.

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  1. I have this hair oil too! :D I love the scent and, it cures my itchy scalp. But I have no bravery to pour it fully on my hair anyway... XD

  2. Hahhaha Ningrum, iya, karena ingat jaman dulu dimana pakai minyak kelapa sekepala biar rambut nya tebal :D