Monday, September 15, 2014

Maybelline Clean Express Miracle Water

Hello everybody,

Maybelline has recently launch micellar water hydrating makeup remover. A product that is made to removes makeup and trapped dirt.


details on the bottle:

It removes light makeup, trapped dirt and dust
freshen like toner
no need to rinse
suitable for sensitive skin

act like a genuine micro-captors to encapsulate dirt and makeup residue.

soak a cotton pad and apply on whole face.


I tested it on my skin and below is the swatches from makeup base such as foundation, compact powder and color makeup, such as eyeliner, eye pencil, eyeshadow, lipstick and waterproof eye makeup.


Like suggested on the bottle, by using a cotton, I damped it with the Miracle Water. The key is using just right, not too much and not too little. The skin should be able to feel the cotton being damp without having the Miracle Water drenched the skin or worst, doesn't even make the cotton feels damp.


I swipe the damped cotton a few times on the area noted as after and some makeup does comes off instantly. Makeup base, lipstick, eye liners.


I continue to clean the whole area and wipes it several time, as seen the Miracle Water doesn't clean waterproof products as good as it cleans other things.



it's a good cleanser that cleans the skin without the needs of using oil-based products. As good as it gets, it doesn't clean tough waterproof products, so you still have to use other makeup remover before using this item.

It contains no alcohol, no fragrance and no oil, which make this product suitable for most skin type.
Light, easy to be used and it works quite well as a daily cleanser (if you're not using heavy waterproof products).

For 120 ml and price below Rp.100.000 this product will become a new favorite in town.

(Price sold at around Rp.80.000 @120ml)

Thank you Maybelline Indonesia

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