Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Bath Box Baby Attack

Hello lovelies

I'm back with another product from The Bath Box, and this one is my favorite (at least the most favorite up to this point, since I haven't try the rest). It's a lotion that really smells like baby powder (like that Johns*n and Johns*n white baby powder, the original one).


The white creamy formula is a bliss on the skin. It may look thick and creamy at first, but later on the lotion will 'disappear' on the skin, leaving the skin feeling soft, smooth, hydrated and powdery, like using a baby powder.


This product is perfect for those who are looking for a non sticky lotion, in fact this one is so not sticky, not even a bit. And the powdery scent is just lovely and a bit nostalgic. The skin will get that light-medium hydrating effect. Those with dry skin probably crave for something 'heavier' than this.



An awesome lotion with 92,5% natural ingredients, no paraben and sls, and no mineral oil too. This lotion could be safer than most baby products sold in the market nowadays. For me, by using this lotion, I don't feel worry when cuddling with my babies.


Thank you so much.

Check out the instagram for The Bath Box products: @aischatz

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