Friday, October 3, 2014

AYou Beauty Mink Fur Eyelash ZME 1203

Hello pretties,

back with more products from AYou Beauty, they do have a lot of cute and beautiful lashes!! I'm a big fan of lashes, they can instantly make the eyes pop.


This is the Mink Fur Lashes ZME 1203. The item comes with a glue inside. I'm using it on the Beauty Blogger Meet Up event, hence all the pics of me during the events (and videos too) are when I'm using these babies.

And that's also the reason why I'm lack of photos taken, I can't even show you the process of me preparing the lashes, cutting it, put the glue on and when put on. So sorry, it was a really hectic day as I'm on of the organizer. Still, I find some of the selfie....welfie, during the event.


The lashes itself is easy to be used, I think even without cutting, they can be used perfectly and add the wideness of the eye. The shape of the lashes makes it looks like it's only adding a few long lines on the eyes.


This is one of the image I found that is close up enough to show you the lashes heehee. As seen the lashes are just like it is. Comfortable for long wear, pretty light, the glue is fine and nice as well, quite gentle, if you want to use them again, when pulled off, do it gently so the shape and curve will stay pretty.

Thank you so much AYou Beauty.

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