Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Otsuka Group Collagen C Jelly

Hello beauty addicts,

nowadays consuming collagen as skin supplement has been my daily routine. As 30's is almost half way through I want my skin to be kept firm and let's just say, on it's place.


So when I'm traveling to Japan and found this cute pink box in the beauty store, I opt to buy one immediately. The Collagen C Jelly.

The product contain ingredients that I think 'a must' in my daily intake.


Everything is in Japanese language, so it is not easy, looking for them online also the same, even on the official website at Otsuka Group seems like no trace of this Jelly.


All I know is that it contains collagen, vitamin C and still have a long way to go in terms of expiry date. Knowing that I'll consume it daily, 31 pieces in a box will all be finished within a month.


It's a good thing I found this details in English on google search. Apparently I'm right! It does contain collagen and vit C, it even contain mangosteen extract and glucosamine.



The product comes in a singular sachet, once a day is enough. I take it after a meal since it does contain Vit C, afraid that my tummy would be sensitive. The taste itself is like eating normal jelly in acai flavor, a bit sweet and sour but since it's just a small portion, I have no problem at all.


Now, this is the most important part, does it work?

On me it does!
First start from the vitamin C, during daily consumption of the Collagen C Jelly, my lips and oral health has been kept away from dryness, chapped lips condition and thrush.

For my overall skin condition, it felt less dry and for my facial skin, I even done a skin check, the firmness is better than before taking the Collagen C Jelly.

I know there's a lot of pros and cons in taking collagen orally, as whether it will eventually landed on the skin or not, but I can now say that the formula from Otsuka Group does make some impacts on my skin, and even general health.


Will I keep eating it? Definitely!


  1. lucu banget ci >.< collagen dalam bentuk jelly hahaha
    beli di jpg ya ci? brp ini?

  2. Hi Shel,

    Iya beli di Tokyo kemarin, kalau engga salah sekitar 1500 yen, lupaaa haha maaf kebiasaan ambil langsung bayar tanpa cek.