Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Soap Corner Head To Toe

Hi everybody,

as someone who is extremely busy >.- I need products that are simple, practical, effective yet comfortable as well. The Soap Corner is one of my favorite brand out there that continue to provide everything above with safety in mind. Still containing no paraben nor sls, they are giving me Top To Toe Best Friend Soap, hooray!!


A product that is able to clean the hair, scalp, face and body at once. The formula is like a honey, the color and texture as well. The scent is mild and almost none (to me), but this shouldn't be an issue as you can request for your favorite scent to be added.

Now, when used, the product felts luxurious and gentle at the same time, it cleans the scalp nicely, the hair felt squeaky at first (but when it is dry the hair wont be as dry as using other shampoo with abundant chemicals inside), and suitable for the face and body too. This is one of my favorite product on the go as well as I don't have to carry many item for cleansing and the kids can use it as well. It's like the whole family can have a benefit from one item (talking about carrying less).

As seen on the image above, it seems like they contains a lot of oils, does it greasy? Not at all. Does it make the skin oily? Nope. But it contains all the nourishment from those oil, nice right?!


Thank you so much The Soap Corner!

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