Friday, October 3, 2014

AYou Beauty ZRAE 1009 Mink Accent Eyelash

Hello lovelies,

Thank you AYou Beauty for this eyelashes. It is very pretty and I love these half lashes as they are lighter, easier to be used (no need cutting) and have almost the same effect as full lashes heehee.


The lashes comes with a glue, a white glue when wet but once dry they'll become clear. The quality of the glue is quite good, strong, yet doesn't hurt when taken off.

Below are my look when using ZRAE 1009 Mink Accent Lashes.


I really like how light it is and I can adjust the angle of the lashes as I please. During daily use I prefer their in this angle, during events, I can simply add a bit so they'll become more visible.


Thank you so much AYou Beauty.

Psst! These lashes also used on some of my review and vlog.


  1. Cakep banget, terus enaknya dia no need cutting dan hasilnya natural banget! Mau ah mauuu hihihi

  2. Hi Rie,

    Iya, trus enaknya AYou Beauty ada banyak yg type kaya gini, ada yg pake glitter juga ... hihihi