Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Otsuka Group Placenta C Jelly

Hello lovelies,

I'm back with more products from Otsuka Group, the company that provide skin supplements in fruity variants. I've review the Collagen C Jelly, the product that has made my skin firmer and look younger in just a month, now, I'm trying their Placenta C Jelly.

Since it's placenta and I'm not very brave nor bold, I only try the 7 days pack which contain 7 stripe of jelly in Mango flavor.


Here's the details from http://www.earth-bio.co.jp:

erythritol, black vinegar, apple vinegar,
pig collagen peptide, pig placenta extract,
pig elastin, enzyme-treated swallow's nest extract,
milk derived phospholipid (milk ceramide),
hyaluronic acid, gelling agent (thickening polysaccharide),
acidulant, fragrance, vitamin C, sweetener
(acesulfame K, sucralose),
(A part of the ingredients contains gelatin)

Nutritional information( per 1 box: 70g )
energy 23    kcal
protein 2.24 g
fat 0    g
carbohydrate 11.1  g
sodium 78.6  mg
vitamin C 100    mg
saccharide 0    g
placenta extract 15,000    mg
(powder conversion 375mg)
collagen 1,500    mg
elastin 50    mg
hyaluronic acid 10    mg
swallow's nest extract 25    mg
ceramide 2,000    μg
caffeine 0    mg

Whattt?!!! Pig placenta?! Apparently it is, I can see you're being squeamish as reading this, so did I when I first found out, so if you're not into pig (or placenta, yikes) you can just consume the Collagen C Jelly since it's from fish.


Since it's only 7 days, I wont be able to review as much as when I'm trying the one month pack. All I can feel is the vitamin C that kept my mouth and lips free from ulcer, the tasty and juicy flavor of mango, the firmer jelly compared to Collagen C Jelly, the healthier me thanks to the other extract (not placenta ^__^) and the easy to eat and digest form of a supplement (just tear the packaging and goes into the mouth, yums).

Still curious about the benefits? Look below.


What do you think? I know in Japan many people consider beauty is very important and easting placenta is common, so if you feel comfortable about it, go ahead, since it contains a lot of wonderful ingredients for the skin and general health. But if you don't, no worries, they also have varieties like Collagen C jelly, Hyaluronic Acid C Jelly, and Vegetable C Jelly.

Thank you @Chabimami (instagram) for the product. Check @Chabimami as they have many cute snacks from Japan and other part of the world in PO.

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