Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Kiehl's Amino Acid Shampoo

Hello everyone,

this is indeed a product suitable for everyone. The Amino Acid Shampoo, the one that contains no silicone and paraben, whoot!

Why am I so happy? Oh well, we all know that paraben is not good, now how about silicone?! For me, that's the one that make my hair limp and may blocked the scalp. I already have an active scalp, I want no more silicone to make it worst. The sebum and greasy scalp is enough. That's why the pure coconut oil inside this shampoo is a friend indeed.


Amino Acid Shampoo

A naturally-derived shampoo that cleanses and softens hair
  • Creates a rich, creamy lather for a delightful shampoo experience
  • A special blend of moisturizing ingredients imparts softness and shine as the formula adds body and fullness
  • Suitable for all hair and scalp types when mildness is desired
  • A customer favorite

It is a delightful shampoo experience alright, soft, smooth, gentle, yet effectively making my hair feels so good (and the scalp too). The coconut is makes everything seems like a breeze, like I'm in a tropical island filled with coconut tree, hearing islanders making music, while letting my hair blown by the comfortable wind, so light, so airy, making them feel lightweight.

Highly recommended for those looking for a non silicone shampoo, paraben free, and lathers on smoothly. Result: A soft airy hair that smells coconutty.

Use a proper conditioner for a desired effect.

Thank you Kiehl's Indonesia.

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