Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Soap Corner Solid Perfume in Gardenia

Hi all,

the first Beauty Blogger Meet Up or BB Meet Up has just past, the event is a success for both companies, organizer and beauty bloggers. Everyone who came is happy and everything went on smoothly (thank God). And this is one of the item we get as a sponsor, a Solid Perfume (mine is in Gardenia) from The Soap Corner.


As seen The Soap Corner has a new logo, heehee, but still contain no paraben, no sls, and no harsh chemical inside any of their products. The owner still want to make it as natural as possible.

And I'm so excited when Erie (the owner) wants to give us the solid perfume, I love love love perfume and solid perfume is just another form that we can put on directly onto the skin.

Since mine is in Gardenia, a flower that I happen to love as well, I really like the scent. The solid perfume did came on strong and when put on the skin (lightly, no need too much) especially on warm areas, the scent will evaporate, making me smell good all over. I usually put in on the wrist, a bit on the neck, a bit on decollete, and on my back... I just like to put perfume on my back, for me, I want to leave impression as I walk heeehee, not when I'm entering the room.

For those with sensitive skin, you might want to try a bit first and not too much as this is a perfume and it can give sensitive skin a bit of redness.

The product can also be 'dilute' with lotion, like dab a bit and mixed it up with lotions that we use everyday for that 'touch of gardenia'.

Thank you so much The Soap Corner.

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