Thursday, October 30, 2014

Me and My Love to Beauty Products

 Hi everybody,

I'm a beauty blogger that loves beauty products, really you say? These more than 1700 posts about beauty products in my blog proves it.

Beauty products is always exciting, fun, and for me it's my getaway from my daily routine or life. So, I always look for that new items on the shelves, or perhaps the products that everybody has been gossiping about. There's always a new one every now and then. Beauty products world has never been a quite one, it's always been the one that make a lot of fuss.

Now, what is this has anything to do with elevenia? Simple! has dedicating a section just for beauty products. Divided into skincare and cosmetics (hooray!).

Btw, have you heard about elevenia? Elevenia is a marketplace for seller and buyer to meet, it is an open one, everybody can sign up for free, I did too. It is very easy and simple, and if you're feeling lazy in filling up forms, you can simply sign in with your Facebook account (neat, huh?!).

I know, I know, the thing with online shopping is always the same, is it safe? I read from many other marketplace that there are a lot of fraught happening nowadays, elevenia with Escrow system help tackles those problems for a guaranteed satisfaction. The buyer will confirm the product purchased so the seller can have their payment. The system also help the seller with delivery tracking, so just in case there's a naughty buyer that claims they haven't received the items but actually did. So, whether you're a seller or buyer, elevenia got it covered for you.

Beside of that safety system and the simplicity elevenia brings, they also carries a wide variety of sections, Fashion, Baby and Kids, Gadgets, Electronic, Food, Services, Home Deco, and heehee, again, my favorite part, the Beauty Department.

As soon as I get into the page, I was overwhelmed with the options.

From common brands we could find in the malls, to those which only available through online shopping, and the prices are friendly too. I've checked some of the items and they are also having a sale right now on several products =^__^=, who could resist a hot sale.


Those are only a few from more than 20.000 items, yes, twenty thousands items on the cosmetics department. It's amazing how many they are (so those 1700 posts doesn't sound like much, does it?!)

There's so many items I haven't tried and very eager to do so, as I browse and browse and browse, I found this very handy thing called 'wishlist'. I can simply keep on goggling and put the ones I want to check for further readings later on at the wishlist. Just click once (no need to click on OK, the item will already be at your wishlist once the writings become red) and at the end of the 'tour', I can check out all the items on wishlist. 

It made shopping a lot easier and I don't have to keep back and forth to many pages (20.000 products is a lot, so saving time is needed heehee).

Here's a wishlist that I created:


And I can go on and on and on (it's just the print screen is too tight). I always love Chanel so they are definitely on my wishlist, they are a premium products that deliver beautiful result, their CC Cream is famous for being so smooth and give gorgeous finish to the skin, so they'll have an even tone with radiant healthy look.

And the lipstick by Chanel, oh, who can resist the rose petals like finish.

And Mizzu, famous for being waterproof, yet so budget friendly, Instyler Rotating Iron for that soft hair with a salon like effect without a fuss at the convenience at our own home.

Nano Handy Mist, for the skincare addict in me, we all need a handy tool we can carry everywhere and make our skin healthy and beautiful, moist and well taken care off. Etude House Color My Brow with various of options on brow colors, and Dose of Color Matte Lipstick, since there is no such thing as too many lipstick in this life. 

I don't think I need any excuse in putting them all (and so much more) in my wishlist.


But, if you do, you can simply read reviews, yes, each product has reviews for them, which made shopping here much cooler, so you can check other people opinion before making a purchase, so you get a clue on the products even more.

Still need more reasons? Open and you'll understand more.

Thank you for reading my post and checking my beauty box. All products are available at elevenia.

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