Monday, November 3, 2014

Kose Savon De Bouquet Refresh Body Wash

Hello everybody,

especially the ladies, or just about anyone who loves amazingly beautiful soaps that smells so good. Like, for sure, this is one of my utmost favorite soaps of all times for being so fragrant, delicate on the skin, and beautiful at the same time.

I've received it from my husband's recent trip to Japan.


Details from

100% body wash that can be skin care in only wash cleaning ingredient of pure soap
  • Cleaning component is 100% soap component.
  • In consideration the tenderness of the skin, cleaning component was pursuing the natural raw materials (ingredients). Dirt only the dropped properly, to protect the sebum and moisture necessary, and trim. In step 3 of "clean", "skin conditioning", "skin", I pull out the original beauty of bare skin. I gently wraps the skin in a soft gentle foam. ● petroleum-based cleaning agents, mineral oil, coloring, alcohol (ethyl alcohol) silicon animal-derived raw materials not used
  • Plant that has been used as soap since ancient times. Soap Berry use.
  • Leads to smooth skin overflowing moisture.
  • Tropical flowers and fruit grace skin care in full of vitality. 5 species of plant-derived essence and oil blending.

  • Fresh flowers and refreshing crystal bouquet scent of fruit each other played
  • Natural essential oils (aroma components) compounding.

Inside the bottle is a clear gel that lather beautifully and plentiful, it's a light frothy foam. When used the highlight is definitely on the gentleness of the soap and the irresistible fragrant aroma, like a fresh bouquet of white flowers, a bit sweet, a whole lotta gorgeous scents. The whole shower room become fragrant for hours. The skin feels so good and oh my, I would love to have it as a lotion, perfume and use them everywhere I please. It was that good.

The skin doesn't feels dry afterward, but silky and smoothly very fragrant.


I know that many aromatic soaps are overrated and not even worth trying, this is really does it. I'm know officially hooked and plan to get them all, yup, they have more variants and I will get them all.


Highly recommended for anyone who loves more than a touch of perfume in their daily body cleanser.

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