Friday, November 14, 2014

Kanari Hime Dark Choco & Vanilla Oil Sugar Wax

Hello lovelies,

Kanari Hime sent me a product to be reviewed, it's their new variant for sugar wax, it's the Dark Choco and Vanilla Oil Sugar Wax.


Details from

kanari-hime Dark Choco sugar wax memiliki ekstrak dark choco ASLI !! yang memberikan efek pelembab ekstra pada kulit setelah sesi sugar wax Anda . Dengan dark choco ASLI yang beraroma lezat sangat aman untuk perawatan untuk kulit Anda juga!
Dark Choco dikenal untuk melembabkan kulit yang kering sehingga menjadi halus dan lembut , juga menjadikan kulit bercahaya.

Kombinasi gabungan dark choco dengan minyak esensial Vanilla sebagai Antibakteri, anti-penuaan, Meningkatkan Kulit Sehat

Dark Choco Sugar Wax selain lebih melembabkan dan menghaluskan kulit setelah pemakaian daripada versi Original / Premium juga bisa dipakai langsung tanpa dipanaskan maupun bisa dipanaskan dahulu sebelum dipakai.
sedangkan versi original / Premium paling baik digunakan dalam keadaan panas ,
Original / Premium memiliki ekstrak madu Murni di dalamnya , sementara Dark Choco Sugar Wax memiliki ekstrak dark choco di dalamnya .

Versi dark choco yang lebih pekat dapat mengurangi rasa sakit dari hair removal secara ekstensif .

Dark Choco Sugar Wax ampuh menghilangkan bulu terkecil, juga bisa untuk mengangkat sel kulit mati . Dengan cara ini Anda mendapatkan hasil perawatan spa saat melakukan waxing.

Anda bahkan dapat mencoba dark choco series sugar wax ini di rumah. Tanpa harus repot ke salon


This is the product, it's in a glass container and very very sticky. Opening the jar itself took time with all of those clear tapes sticking on the lid. I know it's for safe keeping, or perhaps to make sure nothing went wrong during delivery but still, 15 minutes for just opening it from box to finally see what's inside.

And what's inside? A very very dense and thick sugar wax, or to be more precised, chocolate sugar was with heavy chocolate invasion. I couldn't get it through, it really need to be heated or it wont be able to be spread on the skin.


After 15-20 minutes of heating the glass jar in a hot water, the formula starts loosening up and usable.

Careful when using it, make sure you have the right temperature so you wont burn your skin.


I applied the liquid (now, I can call it a liquid) on to the skin, when it is still warm, I put on the clothe for waxing (which is not provided in the kit), wait until it is cooler and let those wax grip the hairs better, before pulling it off in a single strike.

The result are quite clean, but for very fine and smaller hairs I can't seem to pull it all thoroughly. There are still some leftovers, so my tips would be to use this wax after your hair is at least half centimeter.

plus size: glass jar, which make warming it more convenient and 'safe'.
able to pull thick hairs instantly and strongly
the very pleasing and comforting chocolate aroma and vanilla (irresistible and looks appetizing)

it doesn't contain the clothes for waxing
I can't pull those tiny and fine hairs with the wax.

Rp. 90.000 for 0.5 Kg

please do go to their website and check out other variants and products.

Thank you so much Kanari Hime.

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