Monday, November 10, 2014

Evete Naturals Chocolate Mint, Lemon Ginger Lip Balms and Lavender Body Butter

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These products are brought to you by Evete Naturals.

Please do watch the video before proceed reading the post.


As seen on the video Evete Naturals is a handmade natural cosmetics account in instagram. They are based in Yogyakarta and ship to many places in Indonesia. I love their designs and principals of everything natural. On their instagram account (@evete_naturals) I can see behind the scenes of the illustrations. Also check out each of the ingredients benefits too.


The thick white creamy body butter, the one with that amazing lavender (I could never resist a lavender), perfect for a very dry skin or when in a dryer climate. My tips for using this product for a normal skin in a hot and humid Jakarta would be add a bit of skin softener or lotion (not body lotion, but those clear watery lotion like toner, to be used before moisturizer), add a bit of that lotion/softener on the palm with the body butter, mixed them well to loose them up until they aren't as thick as before, or spray evian brumisateur / avene on the skin before using the butter.


Above is the ingredients for the body butter.

Now, the lip balms, heehee, I love them. They can be applied thinly or thick as we please. Use it overnight for a smooth lips afterwards, or after a lip scrub for that irresistible soft looking lips.


The chocolate mint is deliciously refrehsing and the lemon ginger is alive with it's citrus scent. I'm suing it right now as I'm not a big fan of a lip balm that are too sweet smelling or buttery, I prefer them like these choco minty and lemony ginger. They are unique and all in a good way.

One thing for sure, their ingredients are naturals too.


Thank you so much Evete Naturals for these wonderful products that made my skin elbows, heels, and knees dry-free and my lips smells so good and looking fine too!

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