Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Etude House Any Magic Cushion in Magic Pink

Hi everybody,

Etude House is in the house ^^ haha! A little girl in me squeak in joy every time I look at their products, like come on, those pinky dinky gorgeousness in every product, even the whole counter dressed in pink. I can never get enough of their baby pink shade.

One of their signature finish result in using their makeup is always fairer skin with medium to high coverage and added radiance, like a K-Pop stars, Any Magic Cushion does the exact same.


MAGIC in the Cushion
Natural like Magic!
Just Pat Pat to have Toned Up and Natural Skin
Magically tone up your skin!
"‘Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion’" is a revolutionary cushion-type color cushion that is inside the portable compact holding the liquid base which is fresh and smooth. It delivers quick and easy tone up for every different skin tone, perfect fitting for a bright and flawless look, creating the skin to become smooth and moist.
1. Customized cushion base for your skin tone
Skin tone matching, base cushion in 3 lovely colors

2. Naturally toned up skin!
Toned up look and whitening effect from Mother of Pearl Extract and Albutin 

3. 6 in 1 multi-function formula (in a macaroon pact)
Skin Brightening + Tone Correction + Sunscreen + Cooling Moisture + Whitening + Wrinkle Care

Magic Pink
Smooth out your pale skin into healthy and vibrant skin

Magic Mint 
Hide your blemish and minimize redness into toned up smooth skin

Magic Peach
Brighten up your dull skin into natural, toned up skin


I always use a makeup base before using my foundie or BB Cream since it'll help get that desired look on my skin, now, this all in one solution primer, base, and BB in one pretty cushioned compact.


Even the cushion is dressed in pink, super pretty....googly eye @.@


And the cushion too!!!

Now, below are the result of me using it in different shades of lights,

below is indoor lights with yellow tone.


Below in a bluish led light.


In Indoor sunlight.


As seen with indoor lights the result are very flawless and have that luminous glow as it reflect the light beautifully. It has that nice rosy and pinkishness but not too much yet noticeable.

Below is my video after using the product for 8 hours and reviews on using it.


Get yours now at any Etude House counter, mine is from Mal Taman Anggrek branch, but let me warn you, going into the Etude House will make you want to get more and more, as they are all so cute.

Here's my before after image, the prpduct covers imperfection nicely with added pink touch and natural finish.