Thursday, November 27, 2014

Pretty Recipe Cream Blush in Bloody Mary, Cosmopolitan, and Tropical Sunrise

Hello lovelies,

I love blushes, they are like one of the simplest thing that can make our face looks prettier instantly. Who can resist a hint of roses or peachy or something sweet on the cheeks?!

Pretty Recipe (@prettyrecipe - instagram) made their own creamy blush, for only Rp. 60.000 per pot you can choose Bloody Mary, Cosmopolitan, and Tropical Sunrise.

What's the difference between those three?

This post will answer that question.


First, let's see those three cute jars, shall we?!


At a glance, they look almost similar, but when paid attention closely, their designs tells each shade. The top one is Tropical Sunrise, middle one is Cosmopolitan and the lowest one is Bloody Mary.

Each shade represented by a small thing on the pot, for tropical sunrise is the half 'sun' shape, that is the shade


Cosmopolitan represented by it's pink stripe, and Bloody Mary by it's red half 'moon' shape.

At least those are according to me ^^

Look at the image below, what do you think?

And of course, I love them all, I can think of many ways in using these babies and in many occasions and looks. The price might be quite low but the quality is good.


Above is the swatch, still in the same order, Tropical Sunrise (top) -coral-, Cosmopolitan (middle) -pink-, and Bloody Mary (bottom) -red rose-.

Use it alone after all the base is done for a glossy finish or use it before compact/loose powder for a matte finish.

These three blushes also have different scents one to another, the tropical sunrise is a bit citrus, like a fresh sweet orange, bloody mary is like a rose, and cosmopolitan is like a candy, like a berry bubblegum.

And now, the looks:


It's Bloody Mary, I use just a few dabs, less than the other not because it's too much, but I'm using a red lipstick as well as a comparison. I can still use them more and add a hint of nude pink on the cheeks. Or dab it a bit on the lips as well with a lip balm. The creamy formula is surprisingly feels powdery on the skin and doesn't take away the existing base that are already on the skin.

No noodling effect as well.


And this is Cosmopolitan, a delightful fresh pink that anyone can have. This shade definitely goes well with ANY skin tone. The shade is complementing the skin, making them look blushingly good and pretty too. Like that hint of love heehee.


I also take it on a different location under a yellowish light, and the result is in the image below.


Still very pretty right?!


Last but not least, the coral.

Suitable for everyday use or formal occasion (like working place). This shade is perfect for almost all skin tone as well. It add that 'classic' touch. I remember back then peach and coral is everywhere, people then to choose those shade, that's an era before K-Pop ^^ Now since K-Pop arrive pink and rosy cheeks are the ones that we're looking for.

And when I get back home after almost a whole day activity, the blush is still there and seems like it's just being dab. Very nice in terms of staying power.


Still confuse which one to choose?

Hopefully this compilation of image will help.


In the end, I think all shades are very beautiful, it's just depends on the kind of look you're looking for and on what kind of occasion. Your skin tone should be a guide as well, but truthfully, these three babies will go nice on just about any skin tone.

How to use?
brush or sponge or fingers is completely up to you. I prefer fingers. Dab it several time on the area that you want that prettiness to be, blend gently not by rubbing but by dabbing it gently. The cream is very easy to be distributed. Top it off with a loose powder for a matte finish or not for semi radiant glow.

Thank you so much Pretty Recipe.


  1. wah hasilnya bagus banget di km Carnellin !!
    cantik !!


  2. Thank you Cintami, produk2nya juga dipuji donk :D