Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara in 02 (Steady Brown), and Volume and Curl in 01 (Black)

Hi all,

I'm so excited with these two babies, have been reading about them everywhere, I'm so looking forward in finally trying Heroine Make mascaras and proof to myself how waterproof they can be.

So, I bought both of them, the long & curl in brown and volume & curl in black.

First, let's take a look of the products shall we?!


This is the long & curl mascara in brown, even the packaging and details are in brown paper.


I've been using it for events over and over again.


Below is the Volume & Curl in black.


It is written that the mascara able to lift up the eyelashes when used.


Noticed that both mascara has different shape of their wands.


Each to make a certain effect on the lashes.


Here are my before after and the effects of using them.

Left eye using Volume & Curl in black and my right eye is using Long & Curl mascara in brown.


With volume & curl, the lower lashes are a bit difficult to get a hold on using their wand, long & curl manage to 'grab' them better. And I really like the results using the long & curl. I guess it is depends on the consumer eyes, lashes and eyelid contour and/or shape as for me the volume & curl is looking short compared to the long & curl (duh >.~)


But I really like the black one as it has made a more 'deeper' look.

Look at the close up photos below to compare.


For me, the long & curl looks best ^^

And now even thou' these are the S ones and not the new collections of super waterproof (yes, they always has a new ones available on the market) these S type mascaras are already so waterproof. Micellar water cleanser can not budge them at all. I have to use my tough and heavy duty cleanser for an eye makeup remover from The Balm. It was THAT good.



a very recommended mascara, the variations of the brush and shade win enough to satisfy me. The highlight is definitely on how waterproof they are, smudge proof, water resistant, sweat proof as well and everything from rain to swimming.

Personally I would prefer the Long & Curl with any available shade.

I hope I can review the new ones soon and see you then!

(These products are from and bought in Japan, you may find them at any cosmetic stores, price around 1200 yen)

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