Thursday, November 27, 2014

Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer (light)

Hello all,

this is a kick ass concealer from Soap & Glory that's known as ... Kick Ass Concealer ^^

Mine is in light and  they have two other on the market. This item is from Thailand, purchased at Boots.


Details from

Includes an amazing under eye brightening concealer with PUFFEASE-8™ technology, SUPERWEAR™ light scrambling ‘on the spot’ complexion concealer & a weightless transparent setting powder with INSTA-FIX™ polymer technology.

available in Light and Medium.


The three piece flaw camouflage kit is very unique, where usually we only get one shade fits all, Soap & Glory divided them into areas and a powder to set them on (image below).


Please do take a look of the ingredients enlisted behind the box.


And here's how I use it.

Step 1, under the eyes and near the eyes area as a brightener.

Step 2, for all over the face that needs help, like under the nose, lip line, acne, and other things I want to hide.


The small mirror under step 3 is much needed for a quick touch up on the go.


And below is the swatch of these two steps.


And step 3, the white powder.


And after blending all those step 1 and 2 nicely (which is super easy thanks to the easy to blend texture of the products, I use step 3, which is the powder.


These three steps is actually enough for daily basis and just add a loose powder and the whole base is finish. But if you happen to be going to a major events or need a maximum coverage, you might use a liquid foundation first, and them step 1-2 and then 3, followed by your favorite compact powder. Or step 1 then 2, followed by BB Cream or any other liquid foundation and then step 3.

Or (yes, many options) use step 1, 2, after moisturizer and then add step 3 followed by a powder foundation and loose powder.

The key is to use all liquid or cream type form or makeup first before all the powders.


Finally, after the base are done, I can add some colors, mascara for the lashes, and so on.


a great product that conceal everything I want to seal. From covering my eye bags that has a slightly dark color to redness under the nose, 'clearing' acne, hiding anything from visibility, including patches, skin discoloration, and other imperfection.

The Step 1,2 and 3 makes this product complete on it's own. It's like a 3 in 1 with powder that sets the concealer.

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