Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Body Shop Christmas 2014

Hello all,

it's almost Christmas time and The Body Shop is the first one that invited me to celebrate this wonderful and joyous occasion. This time, it'll be a bit more special than usual. Involving Wahana Visi Indonesia, a foundation for less fortunate kids so they can have education, where each blogger are partnered with some of them during the event.


On my side, since it is weekend, this two kids are tagging along ^^ and I'm happy that they can see how we share with others.

Hmm, I'm not totally against having someone's else kid on my post but I really have to get their parent consent or I can just show you the ones we took with his consent during the event at my instagram account.

There's also an image from The Body Shop Indonesia.


This event is all about making your wish come true, and along side, with The Body Shop present Campaign in sharing with others.

The charity program already started from 13th of November and will be available until 8th of January, where every special gifts purchased, The Body Shop Indonesia will make a donation of Rp.5000 for those kids. And if you feel like Rp.5000 is not enough, you may go to any The Body Shop counter and straight to the cashier, make a donation in any amount that you like.

All the donations gathered will be helping those kids getting a better future.


As usual, The Body Shop are having this event wholeheartedly, the gifts you can purchase is a must have collections that will pampers you and makes the user happy as well. My eye is on the advent calendar, 24 days of Christmas indeed.


Here are the set for Glazed Apple, all the bloggers who came during the event get to choose the Vanilla or Glazed Apple.

The Vanilla itself is a improved version from the Vanilla I used to know, this year it's a bit more sweetness to it, curious? Go to The Body Shop and sniff one yourself, yums!


(photo courtesy of Iva)
We are so happy to be invited to this wonderful event, we get to exchange gifts to the kids from Wahana Visi Indonesia, and most of us felt that we should've given them more, they are all so nice, friendly, and so polite.

I feel that they really need us, nowadays when we purchase any beauty products we sometime forget to give back to those who needs it more than us, The Body Shop Indonesia has reminds us that we can still do good when shopping, I hope they'll do more like this in the future events. And bigger donation too heehee.


You may read the press releases provided by The Body Shop, and if you want to know what we can actually donate into, check out


As I said before, the gifts are irresistible!! Now I want them all! Get those seasonal sweets before they are out.


Delicious fresh apple ^__^

Below is the video of me reviewing the products and sharing more about The Body Shop Christmas campaign of supporting the kids at Wahana Visi Indonesia.


Thank you so much!

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