Monday, November 17, 2014

The Bath Box Party Time

Hi all,

back with more soap from The bath Box, a pretty looking bar soap that smells pretty too.


I'm a bit confused when accepting the product from @aischatz at first, why is it covered, after opening the paper wrap I found this party looking soap inside, complete with confetti, glitters and attractive colors.

The aroma of the soap is fragrant and very nice compared to Goats Don't Lie, but still in the mild zone (for a scent addict like me) and as usual, I love these products that contain no paraben, sls free and sles free too, as I do want my skin to be well and overall well being too. It's like investing in good products and doesn't let bad stuff piled up inside your system. Like when you see people who smoke and says they don't die after a few puff, but we all know the toxin are building their ways in making life miserable.

Same goes with products we use everyday, we might not experience it all at once in a go, but gradually and in long term period for a better future well being. We already has too many chemicals around us, right?!

Now, back to the soap, it lathers easily but the shape made it a bit not friendly to the touch, like the soap is slippery enough and the glitters and some parts is a bit like angry scrub on the skin. So I prefer using a sponge or a scrunchy then make tons of foams, and let the foams cleansed me all over. Since it doesn't contain sls and sles, the skin doesn't feel strikingly dry, it is comfortable all over.

Overall, a wonderful way to clean the skin without any worries from harmful igredients that might 'break' the skin.

Thank you @aischatz (instagram) for the lovely product.


  1. Ohh the soap looks like a yummy piece of Birthday Cake! ^ ^

  2. Liat bentuknya sabun ini kayaknya lebih cocok jadi pajangan.Lucu banget bentuknya