Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Beauty World Nachu Fuwa (905) from AYou Beauty

Hello everyone!!

As my previous posts, AYou Beauty sent me abundant lashes, and this one is Nachu Fuwa collections. A pretty lashes that makes the eyes looks more kawaii.


The lashes quite long and flimsy, hence when used it is best to attached the other end before the other. The length of the lashes are quite long, but I don't cut it off and just let them be wide to help create wider eyes.

I don't put them on 45 degree angle (that would make the lashes more visible through frontal look) as I want to make a more formal look (as I'm attending a meeting, not event).


Below are the products in the packaging and the details. It was definitely cute and kawaii, right?!


When used and pulled carefully, we can simply use them again and again and again. My tips would be, do get yourself a good quality glue for the lashes as it helps them maintaining the condition of the lashes. Poor quality glue will breaks the lashes faster and sometime it even means only can use them once.

Since the lashes are quite soft and doesn't have that full lashes, the result of using them is still somewhat natural and the feeling is light on the eyes.


As seen above, we can attach more lashes to the product, a shorter one for that fuller yet still natural look.


Don't forget to watch the video ya ^__^

Thank you AYou Beauty and you for reading this post.

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