Monday, November 17, 2014

Utama Spice Temu-Temu Face Mask

Hello lovelies,

Heehee, I guess more natural products is now available on my blog, I love them since they are all paraben free, sls free, and contain no harsh chemical. When you think about banned ingredients, researcher must have found linked problems from using it. So, whenever possible, please do refrain yourself from using products that contain problematic chemicals.


Products from Utama Spice is all natural and when used accordingly, they are safe and effective, just like Temu Temu Face Mask. A blend made from temulawak and clay, this product is a mask and scrub fit for those with normal to oily skin type. I wont recommend this mask for those with sensitive and dry skin condition, as my cheeks are dry and sensitive it feels uncomfortable to be used on those area. But on the t-zone? It works like a cure for the oiliness.

It's like every particle of the powder absorbed the oils and sebum. I use it on my body too, it cleanse everything well.

How do I use it?
Mix the powder with a bit of powder. it will become a paste at first but watery then, spread on your skin, wet, dry, clean, dirty, doesn't matter, and let it sit for a while. They'll dry up pretty fast (when applied thinly, like 5-10 minutes) and rinse everything off, massage the skin with your regular cleanser/soap to make sure everything is off. These are a very tiny powder, they sit in the pores for sure, so clean them up well.

After cleaning them well, notice that sebum and grease free skin. It's mattefying.

Use as frequently or as seldom as your skin's desire.

Thank you so much Utama Spice.

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