Tuesday, November 18, 2014

AYou Beauty DOT Artist

Hello lovelies,

here is one of the product from AYou Beauty. The DOT Artist, a very cute nail colors with dots applicator.


The colors are so pretty, blue, pink and yellow, all in pastels. Girls would definitely love these.


Ideas spread on the images are quite clear, the rest would be your ability to apply them nicely or like me, with both lefties heehee, I have zero skill in terms of nail art, even a primary school kids would get offended if I say my work is them.


Add glitters, stickers, or anything you can imagine. Now, let me continue reviewing the products.


As seen, everything needed to make that perfect DOT Artist is all here.


So after several attempts in trying them on my daughter's nails and mine as well. We finally understand the issues, the polish takes some time to dries up, an hour is minimum, for me it took me around 2-3 hours for them to set and the whole day to be completely harden.

The other feature is the nail polish has a small brush, suitable for a small nails. The two dots are in two sizes, one small and the other smaller ^^


I'm using the blue on on the images, followed by pink dots. And as visibly seen, my skill is no match to a handy primary school in their art class.


The hard to dry liquid also make applying them far from easy.

By this point they are already a mess ^^ I can't keep my hands off anything as many things to be done for 2-3 hours, so it's a good thing I took a quick snap immediately once done.

Tips. try using them on a fake nails and leave them alone for a day before putting them on your nails, then you'll have time for everything.

Thank you AYou Beauty.

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