Monday, November 17, 2014

The Soap Corner Bath Fizzies

hello everybody,

The Soap Corner sent me this bath fizzies months and months ago, I was told not to review the product on my blog since the shape is a bit messy, they are messy since The Soap Corner doesn't have enough time (yet, I'm asking her to make one for my daughter in the shape of a hello kitty) and they are indeed a bit fragile. I saw some on Martha Steward and it was delicate.

So why am I writing about them now, despite of their a bit out of figure shape, that doesn't take the function out of these babies.


What is inside this bath fizzies, nothing more than baking soda, epsom salt, olive oil, sugar and many more (including scents). Epsom salt is actually not a salt, it's a mineral compound that found in hot springs, not just any hot springs, these are the ones that has been well known to have benefits for our skin and body. Think about muscle ache, tiredness, etc.

These bath fizzies contain those ingredients so we can have our own 'hot spring' at home.


The fizz is not as much as I wanted them too, the kitties are pretty damp when I open the container, perhaps it is due to delivery during rainy weather (who knows?!)  but when put on the tub, it need a bit stirring for them to completely dissolve. Then slowly but sure, the water turns soft and slippery. It's like they literally become an 'onsen' my personal mildly scented strawberry onsen.

The skin does feel smoother and softer after soaking in it, some muscles become loosening and I'm really happy Erie (the owner of The Soap Corner) made these babies available in Indonesia now, as I usually buy tons of bath salt from trips to Japan.

A great product with a wonderful ingredients that gives benefit to the skin and body, but I wish it contain more fizz. And perhaps someday when she made it for me, the scent increased by 200% (yes, she made this one mild as these are for my daughter).

Thank you The Soap Corner

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