Friday, November 14, 2014

Laneige Multi Cleanser

Hello lovelies,

How are you today? These days have been pretty humid with all the clouds and rains. I hope everyone is well, as for us, the kids are having a flu now. As I'm already very busy even without sniffles bothering us, I need more products that brings simplicity into the routine, like Laneige Multi Cleanser.


Product Benefits

- A new 4-in-1 cleanser removes makeup, removes sunscreen, exfoliates and cleanses at once.
- Micro-sized dense foam removes makeup completely leaving fresh feeling
- Mild plant-based cleansing ingredients and Papain enzymes, the exfoliating enzymes extracted from papaya fruit, remove makeup completely and exfoliate for smoother skin.
* Completely removes base makeup, such as sun cream, BB cream, and foundation, as well as color makeup.

How to Use

1. Wet face and then release about a coin-sized amount of cleanser to massage onto face and melt makeup.
2. Use every day to purify pores for brighter skin.


I use it this much and lathers them well on the palm before using the foam to clean everything off.


The foam created is fluffy, light and cleans everything off except waterproof makeup.

It has a faint floral scent.

I love how gentle the foam is and it does felt like it cleans everything well. I do take my time in lathering and massaging the foam on the skin so the product has time to take those makeup gunk, sweats, oils, and everything trapped in between, off from my skin.

The effect is a clean skin, after rinsing it might feels a bit squeaky but it'll goes off immediately. Once dried the skin becomes very very soft and of course, clean.


My tips would be, use a cleansing oil or other makeup remover for a waterproof makeup, then followed by Multi Cleanser to finish the job. Continue with a toner, serum and your favorite moisturizer.

A good cleanser help those beautiful ingredients to be absorbed better into our skin.

Thank you Laneige Indonesia.

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