Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Maybelline Baby Lips Color in Berry Crush and Coral Flush

Hello everyone,

Baby Lips Color from Maybelline is still a favorite craze among the young. There's colors to choose and soft juicy lips as a result.


I happen to have more, these are the Berry Crush and Coral Flush.


Please do read on the details given on each of the packaging.


The SPF 16 is suitable for daily usage and constant reapplying.


The lip balms can be used alone or on top of a lipstick, I also like to use it below a lip gloss, it add that depth of sheer shine to the lips, very irresistible.
Since both are still in the lip balm category even thou it's hinted with colors, the moisturizing effect is the highlight I'm look forward into. And they did just nice.


Below are the result of me using them, as seen , if you're looking for a non glossy lip balm, then this is definitely not the product for you.


The moisturizing effect itself is light to medium, during dry weather I need to reapply constantly. Use it as needed, reapply as often as you like.

On my lips, the Berry Crush is far more visible than Coral Flush. These results may vary on each of you since our natural lips color may differ from each other. My tips for the maximum benefit would be, use a lip scrub before applying these balms for that super silky smooth result.


Above are the swatches, upper one is Berry Crush and lower one is Coral Flush, no wonder the Coral Flush doesn't really shown on my lips.

a wonderful glossy lip balm that add shine, hints of color according to the shades and a sunscreen for the lips. Suitable for daily usage alone or with a lipstick / lip gloss of your choice.

Thank you Maybelline Indonesia.


  1. Warnana sungguh natural di bibir & lebih terlihat sehat.


  2. warnanya super sheer ya ce, aku punya yg berry crush sm pink lolita, justru pink lolita keliatan lebih pink drpd yg berry XD
    tapi di aku msh moist yg biasa drpd yg color ini TT___TT


  3. Iya bener Sinta,

    yang ini memang engga se moist yang baby lips non color :)

  4. Warnanya cantik2!
    Sayang kurang melembapkan ya :(