Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fueki Cool Soap

Hello all,

I guess by this point faithful readers at my blog already know how I'm a big fan of products from Fueki.

They are oh-so-cute and I'm so happy when Kawaii Beauty Japan gave me another one, yeay!!

This is Fueki Cool Soap.


The deep blue soap have a same 'face' as the rest of the Fueki family. The cosmetic range has keep on adding new items, woohooo!

Here's the detail regarding the product I found at the website:

Limited sale! It is a facial soap Arai comfort cool cool. Moisturizing ingredients watered Motchiri, horse oil, shea butter. I am in the form of Fueki kun cute. Scent of peach.
Made in Japan
Potash containing soap base material, water, DPG, sorbitol, sucrose, stearoyl glutamate acid 2Na, menthyl lactate, myristic acid, fragrance, shea butter, palmitic acid, lauric acid, glycerin, horse oil, blue 1, tocopherol

What?! Horse oil?!?!?!


Here's the soap in action, it lathers on so easily and abundantly, it does has that slightly cool sensation and faint peach aroma, like really faint. The foam gives the skin a clean feeling but not overly dry. As seen in the image the foam created is slightly blue as well, like the color of the soap.


The bar soap itself is a simple product that cleans, that's it. It cleans daily debris but not makeup. Of course, the highlight of this product is the cute fueki attribute. I'm a big fan! The price is around 500 Yen, which means around Rp. 60.000,- Not expensive for sure, yet the product is in a good quality range.

Thank you Kawaii Beauty Japan for this super cute soap!

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