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CabinCrew Kit Age Prevento and Skin Renewal Serum

Hello everyone,

I have an exciting news as brand called Cabincrew kit has just landed in Asia market. On their website, the words Skin Tonic for Air, Land and Sea catches my attention as, 1. Skin Tonic, it's like something that the skin can 'digest' instantly or faster compared to other source of 'food'. 2. For Air, Land and Sea, made it seems like they are produced for travel-addict (like me). But, it's more than that, the products are effective for any kind of environment and/or seasonal change.

I've made a video for Cabincrewkit and it is available on youtube:

Now, let's review these babies, shall we?!


As seen on the video, please do read the details which are made available by


Age Prevento Serum:

Our skin is the largest organ in our body. Aging is an inevitable process for both our body and skin. Alongside, with our unhealthy lifestyle, poor eating habits, hormonal change and short of ample rest usually accelerate the deterioration of our skin texture. Age-Prevento Serum is an essential skin tonic to prevent premature aging of skin and an innovative formula designed to infuse a 3-in-1 skin benefits: Moisture + Firm + Lighten

Hmm, in these days healthy lifestyle is a bit tough for most urban mama, me, personally, I worked around 18 hours per day, that included everything from blogging, caring the two kids, and organizing events. I'm sleep deprives and sometime, I just eat whatever is in the house or available by ordering delivery.
Inside the website, they are also sharing an i-Magazine that share more on beauty, health, and wellness. One of my favorite theme on their articles in the power food.

Now, as I'm trying real hard to be more healthy, my skin does need something that can be more visible in terms of result, as in faster to help reducing the premature aging of the skin. I do need all three of those, moisture, firming and lighten in terms of get rid of dark spots.


Moisture - it is able to improve skin moisturization by reducing transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and significantly boost lipids such as free fatty acids and ceramides in the stratum corneum, which are both responsible for the skin barrier functions. 

Firm - it is able to reduce the appearance of fine lines by stimulating new fibroblasts and collagen secretion. 

Lighten - it is able to reduce age spots and pigmentation by inhibiting the transfer of melanin-filled melanosomes to the surrounding kerationcytes, on the surface of the skin. 

Age-prevento multi-function serum can significantly revive signs of skin aging. Suitable for daily use and improving skin texture.

Wow! No wonder my skin always feel so dry, the products I've been using all this time probably only work on the upper layer of the epidermis. And I do want those firming action from within as well. I dislike these laughing lines that appears deeper now since the cheeks are taking its gravity. Age spots? Yes! I want to see my skin spot free.


How to use:

A full pump unto your palm and gently spread over your cleansed face in an upward circular motion. For morning and night use. Suitable for daily use. Essential for normal to dry and all skin types.

I'm using mine after cleansing and toner, then after applying the serum, I use a moisturizer that promote hydration.


As it is suitable for dry skin (hooray!) I have no doubt in using it daily. So far, I can feel that the skin become softer overall. In terms of hydration, it is very good, I'm just using a normal moisturizer that usually doesn't work very well, I still feel that some areas are very dry, like on my upper cheeks, now, this 'normal moisturizer' is enough, thanks to the serum applied before. The Age Prevento Serum itself is very light, fragrant, comfortable to be used, very light, it absorbed by the skin almost instantly, and it within 1-2 days of usage, it gives the skin that healthy glow. Like I just slept 8 hours straight (which clearly not).


This product comes in a pumped bottle, another love from me, because it makes whats inside fresh on each application, hygienic and prevent oxidation.

For ingredients, please look at the image above. And yes, it contains fragrance, for those who are a bit scared of fragrance, I know this fact from one skin expert that, a fragrance (in the right dose and ingredients) is actually safe for the skin, as long as there is minimal or none oxidation happens along the way.


Look at that! It's the clear, thin, beautiful gel that makes my skin (therefor I am) happy. I've been using it as a day serum nowadays and as the night serum, is the product below.


To avoid premature aging of your skin, it is essential to maintain an exfoliated condition in achieving an improved skin texture. When you remove dead tissue on the surface of your skin during exfoliation, it helps to minimize your pores as they seem smaller because this process removes the keratinized skin around the edges of your pores. Exfoliation also reveals the moisture underneath the tissue. Skin Renewal Serum is a gentle exfoliation agent with a non-irrational formula which supports in removing the uppermost layer of skin debris and uncover the soft and smooth skin beneath for a more youthful glow. Have a radiant, fair and hydrated skin in just days.

Yikes! Exfoliating, I still not a fan of that word, it has been a nightmare for me, exfoliating usually comes with pain, discomfort, irritated skin, redness, and worst ... prolonged problems at the area affected. So, when I was 18- late 20's, I always avoid everything that exfoliate the skin as much as possible. Oh I do microdermabration, laser, scrub, peeling, etc, it's just not daily, nor weekly, it was not even monthly, it was more like 3 times a year thanks to my sensitive skin.

But now, since I'm in the mid 30's, I do noticed that when I don't exfoliate for 2 weeks, there are areas that feels dry and not comfortable as in, sensitive. Also, when I'm applying makeup, it cracked easier and dead cells start rolling off. I thought my dry skin has become worst, so I use more products that promote hydration but none works, until I found out that my skin (that are still alive and well) actually buried under this keratinized skin above.


Skin Renewal Serum has a gentle approach in promoting the exfoliation of top layer of dry, dead skin cells, revealing newer and healthier skin. Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Improve skin’s elasticity and youthful glow with a stimulation of collagen synthesis. Visibly improve overall skin texture, tone and radiance. Have fairer and dewy skin in just days. Suitable for daily use.

Now, I do understand that I need exfoliating product, but daily?! I do have my doubts before putting the serum on for daily usage, but I give it a shot, and so far, it's been very good. No flaky skin, no redness, no discomfort, no sensitivity coming on, although during the first usage there's a mild warmth felt, nevertheless, overall, it's an experience I would like to keep repeating.


Apply 2 full pump evenly over cleansed face and neck. Avoid eyes area. For daily night use only. Due to the sun sensitivity in AHA elements, it is recommended to use sunscreen when you are out in the day. Suitable for all skin types.

As most exfoliating products, this serum also advices to use a sunscreen during day time. As exfoliating process keep continue even thou the product was used on nightly basis.

And same goes with Age Prevento Serum, I also use it on a clean skin, after toner and after the serum is applied, I'm using a simple moisturizer that only promote hydration.


The serum also clears, very light and watery gel, and as seen on the ingredient list, there's no fragrance, hence the not-my-favorite scent comes from. No worries, the smell goes away in a matter of seconds.



Both serums is very light in terms of texture but very effective and the skin noticeably looks better in a matter of days. I love both of them and will keep using both of them or perhaps the Age Prevento Serum daily and the Skin Renewal Serum 3 times a week (but so far, I'm still using it every night). One smells a lot better than the other, suitable for dry and sensitive skin like mine, but also wonderful for all skin type.

I think since it is made for the 'aging' skin, this serums is more suitable for those above 25, but for mid 30's like me this product would be like so needed and in my must have collections.

What I can see on my skin as I have been using them for a couple of days are: no signs of over exfoliating, no signs of dryness, no signs of accumulating dead skin cells (so using makeup have not met any problems like before), the skin appears to be more hydrated, more radiant, there's this healthy glow, not oily, not greasy, but I haven't see any visible result with deep lines, for fine lines, they appear more relaxed and those large pores seems reduced as well.

Overall, will definitely keep on using them.

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Thank you Cabincrewkit.


  1. Aahh ternyata cabincrew udh ada di indo ya ci *-* dari namanya aja menarik bgt.
    Btw bru kali ini rasanya aku liat cc senyum keliatan gigi :3

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  2. Hi Shel :D

    hehe iya memang menarik bgt produk-produk brand ini...n iyaaa tau ajaaa, abis kalo senyum biasa mukanya jadi vsape, kalau kelihatan gigi Oshape hihihihihi