Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fueki Fresh Gel Aloe

Hello, it's me with Fueki again ^__^

This is Fueki Fresh Gel Aloe.

Aloe has been used worldwide and for generations to be cooling, calming and perfect for sun burn. The aloe extract able to heal the skin and makes it comfortable again.


Details from

To the skin you have sunshine! It is smooth and soon, full body moisturizing gel. Moisturizer to keep skin healthy, aloe vera extract, hyaluronic acid, horse oil, shea butter, starch blended. Non-colored, fragrance-free, preservative-free alcohol-free.
Made in Japan

Water, glycerin, mineral oil, BG, aloe vera extract - 1, hyaluronic acid Na, shea butter, horse oil, hydrogenated starch hydrolysates, glycosyl trehalose, dimethicone, (acrylates / acrylamide) copolymer, ethylhexyl glycerin, caprylic acid glyceryl, polysorbate 85

Price around 500 Yen.


As usual the product have a tiny spoon, all moisturizer from Fueki have this kind of spoon included, so cute.


This is the product. As seen, it has the consistency like a gel, almost clear. Slightly cooling, no scent whatsoever and when applied on the skin, it feels comfortable. Light, hydrating, not greasy nor sticky. I like using it on a daily basis on my face or body. I also allowed my kid to use it as well. It seems like the product is quite simple and doesn't contain harsh chemicals, again, it contain horse oil and also mineral oil..... -.-


In every packaging contains 50gr of product. Now, I'm eager to try more of its kind ^__^ they also have face mask, moisturizing cream, hand cream, and many more.


Thank you so much Kawaii Beauty Japan.

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