Monday, October 20, 2014

Smile Brilliant

Hello everyone!!!

A few months ago I was asked by this lovely company called Smile Brilliant to review their amazing product. The product is a teeth whitening kit.

Based in the USA the company created a professional teeth whitening kit to be used at home, yes, as comfortable as it may sound, it is.


It's a simple box but contain everything we need to create a one of a kind tray for our unique set of teeth.

So, they first ship this box, then we have to create our own mold and send it back. They make the tray by using the mold and send to us the finished clear tray for our usage. Sounds complicated? It's not. Just do one thing at a time.


All the details are already written inside the box, from how to use the gels, the mold, the what's to prepare, what to do before, after during and everything in between.


First thing first, clean the teeth thoroughly, this means brushing, flossing, and making sure there's nothing need to be removed. You also have to visit your dentist first, consult, treat the decays, and perhaps do a simple sensitivity test. If everything's okay, then go ahead, and don't forget your 6 monthly scaling ya.

Okay, once the teeth are good to go and super duper clean, let's make the mold.


The blue one is the base paste and the white one is catalyst. Don't forget to wash your hands and dried them as well before touching them.


Mixed those blue and white paste into one, like mixing a dough, gently keep stretching and folding them into half until the total time is according to instruction, for me, the paste already mixed quite well around 1 minute and 15-20 seconds, and by the time it reaches 2 minute, it is not as stretchy as before.


As the info goes, placed it into the tray and set it well, watch out for the time, and then put it on the upper or lower set of the teeth until they set well and according to the time given.

Now, as they have times for each process and to be hones, one mouth can only fit one tray, so don't be silly and make both of them as it is not possible.


And after they are done, I shipped them both to USA, don't worry, they provide a fluffy envelope with the full address written. Alongside with the package, we need to send back a piece of paper, the one that says we already agree that we consent on the result and we had been consulting with our dentist.

As you can see, on each tray there's a QR code, so there's little chance of getting ours mixed up.

Once they received ours, they'll send an email of notification. I send mine using Pos Indonesia, with Rp.98.000 the package is received within 2 weeks.


And soon after, I get my personal tray made by them. It is cool and somewhat creepy at the same time haha! Like, it was my own.

A nice black box also goes for safekeeping.


Now, the teeth whitening process begin,

after checking there's no residue on the clear tray, I clean them using a mild soap and water. Dry them thoroughly. Clean my teeth as well, brushing plus flossing included.


I use the desensitizing gel first, it helps reduce the sensitivity on the teeth due to whitening process that I'm about to go through.

The gel is a cool gel with a pleasant feeling.

The tray fitted perfectly on my teeth. I can use both of them at the same time.


As waiting can be quite long (between 20-60 minutes) I suggest you to eat all you want and drink as many as you please before getting started.

Since I have sensitive teeth, I patiently wait for 60 minutes.

And then I took them off, rinse and gently brushed my teeth as instructed. Rinse and dry the tray again and apply the teeth whitening gel.

Of course I took a glass of water before applying the tray again.


I put them on for around 2 hours (since I'm so bored, thirsty, and frankly, couldn't take it anymore), the gel is comfortable, is just, I can hardly speak properly, I'm hungry (I'm always hungry) and yep, bored hehe.

There is a bit of sensitivity on the area where my crown doesn't fit perfectly (blame it on a particular dentist at Q&M in Singapore), but apart from that, everything is fine and enjoyable. Why is it enjoyable, look at the result below.


From top to bottom: before, during desensitizing process, during teeth whitening process, after result.

My teeth has gone so white in a single usage.

My tongue and other part inside the mouth do feel sensitive for a while (like I just suck too many candies) but it goes away in an hour or two (or perhaps I don't really remember as I went to sleep soon after, and when I wake up, everything is well).

These process can be repeated again and again and again, consult the dentist on how often to repeat the process and as for me, I'm definitely will do it again and I really want to see how white my teeth could be.

Take note though, as it is the same goes as a teeth whitening process in the dentist, result may vary as it is according to ones teeth condition.

Overall, I'm happy they send me a kit and my teeth are white now!

Thank you Smile Brilliant.


  1. The result is so impressive ci O.o
    Itu kit nya lucu juga yaa.. ada moldnya segala hahaha x_x jd inget dl pas mo bikin behel & retainer..
    dental mold tastes really bad, smpe pernah kumuntahin gara2 rasanya aneh.. dan hrs ngulang bikin cetakan lagi.. lol

  2. Hi Shel,

    iya benerrrr, rasa dan tekstur semua mirip banget sama dental mold kalau mau bikin behel, haha yg ini berhubung pake sendiri, kita jadi lbh tau batas 'masukkinnya' kalau di dentist kadang yg masukkin ga pake perasaan.

    Btw ini yg bikin gw mau foto sambil terlihat gigi shel haaha udah putihan :D Tinggal rapiinnya aja nih yg perlu behel.