Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Bath Box Goats Don't Lie Oatmeal

Hello all,

Goats Don't Lie Oatmeal is another product from The Bath Box.

It contains natural oatmeals on the bar, when used I can feel them scrubbing the skin nicely, it's like a scrub and soap in one.

The only thing is that the size is rather big, or my hands the one that too small, so I have to hold it well so it didn't fall.


Now, I've checked their instagram account and found out that they have so many items, their really like that UK brand I really love (but cost so much), they has literally gives us (local) better option with far better price. Fresher (made daily) and accordingly. I got mine from @aischatz, check her out on ig as well.

Now, back to the soap. It doesn't lather as much as conventional mass produced soaps in the market but it still give me enough lathering effect. It cleans the skin nicely and again, those oats are adorable. It's like helping the blood circulation in the skin, once done, I fell fresh, clean, but without those dry spell that other soap gives.

Regarding the smell, it is quite faint, at first it was like a soft caramel, then it's like almost nothing (blame me for having too much perfume everyday), but nevertheless is the wonderful effect on the skin which I think the main idea of this soap.

Oh, if you're wondering why they have it "Goats don't lie", perhaps due to the fact that it contains goats milk. Benefit? It can help those (ehm me) with psoriasis. A skin condition that looks like having a scar but mostly because of dryness.

Psst!!! All products from The Bath Box is suitable for ANYONE. Even babies!! Sweet.

Thank you @aischatz (those in Bogor area can directly order from her for a cheaper delivery cost).

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