Tuesday, October 21, 2014

IOMA Bespoke

Hello lovelies,

during my last visit to IOMA opening counter at Mal Kelapa Gading, the Bespoke is given to me. The 'prescribed' skincare is one of the highlight of this brand.
Here's a video I've made several weeks ago for IOMA Bespoke:


As described in the video, the day and night cream are made fresh to order.

Here's how the staff at IOMA made them:


Following my skin chart and analysis, the ingredients are put inside each container, one for day usage, and the other for night time use.

Check out http://www.ioma-paris.com for further details.

STEP 1: High precision diagnosis

After performing the diagnosis using our patented IOMA Beauty Diag device, a personalised program for your client is displayed on the screen of the device. Unique formulas for Day Cream and Night Cream are provided for you, selected from 864 possible formulations.

STEP 2: Personalized formulation of the Day Cream and Night Cream

You will start preparing these two formulas using the two active Day and Night Cream bases. Each contains 18 active ingredients that have been carefully selected for their remarkable effectiveness. Add a few droppers of each of the 8 high performance serums, each containing a maximum concentration of active ingredients, to these bases.

The base are already inside each container.
The Day Cream base, light as a cloud, and the Night Cream base, rich and regenerating.
Each one contains:


Neutrazen is an ultra-performing peptide that reduces the threshold of skin sensitivity, combats reactivity of sensitive skin and prevents the appearance of redness.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E antioxidant properties protect the body from the harmful effects of free radicals and slow down the skin's aging process. Its presence enables the best conservation of membrane lipids, composed of polyunsaturated fatty acids, that are highly sensitive to oxidation.

Inside each 'kit' contains these serums in separate pipette bottles:

8 Additional Serums

In order to boost the effectiveness of the 2 Active Bases, the 8 Serums are added according to your specific needs.


  • H1 - Long-term moisturising
  • H2 - Self-regulating moisturising
  • H3 - Anti-aging moisturising
  • R1 - Elasticity & firmness
  • R2 - Redensification
  • R3 - Botox-like tightening effect
  • R4 - Global anti-ageing
  • R5 - Firmness & smoothing

The ones that they add into the bottles are these serums, each made according to ones skin condition, at that time. The day and night do have different concoction as well.


This process has successfully made me feel ultra special, I'm no longer in the 'crowd', my skin is unique and individual, I do need products that is made accordingly. Sometime when finding the right skincare can be challenging, some of the ingredients is wanted while some not so much, or the other way around. Or perhaps it's too thick, too light, too oily, too greasy, too dry, not moisturizing enough but help reducing the redness, very moisturizing but made some area feel very uncomfortable, dislike the whitening effect but love the mattefying effect, the list can go on and on and on.

With IOMA Bespoke, we can simply rest assure that these two moisturizer carries everything our skin's need.

And as seen on the video, the texture is very light, comfortable and made for me just right. Now, everyone can have their own personal skincare freshly made on the spot.


Inside the box contain pamphlet, details and information regarding the product, ingredients, how to use, and many more.

I've been using the products for weeks now and enjoy the result very well. My skin is hydrated enough, comfortable, less irritation occurs, less redness, no fresh new lines, the skin looks more relaxed, there's a luminous glow and radiance every day, and I haven't been visited by acne since using them.

I'm using Bespoke without adding other products like serum or eye cream or anything else. The Bespoke alone are enough.

I'm so eager to have my skin checked again at their counter but haven't got the time to do so, I'll share with you on my instagram @c13v3rgirl with the result of the analysis.


Thank you so much IOMA Indonesia.


  1. Hai Kak :)

    What a nice review..

    Saya mau tanya dong Kak, kemarin kan saya juga ada beli BeSpoke ini, pas pembelian, in the end kita cuma dapet cream day and night nya atau serumnya juga dikembaliin ke kita ya??

    Thankyou for responding

  2. Hi Peggy,

    Tentunya sisa serumnya dibuang dear, biar tidak disalahgunakan, waktu beli harusnya dijelaskan sama beuaty advisornya :)