Friday, October 10, 2014

The Soap Corner Unscented Castile Liquid Soap and Sandalwood Vanilla Soap Bar

Hello everybody,

I'm back with more review for The Soap Corner.

As perhaps you already knew that The Soap Corner is a soap producer with no paraben, sls nor any harsh chemical inside their products. They also launch a liquid soap that contain no scent or unscented. This is suitable for those looking for a soap that is even more gentle.

The handmade olive oil soap.


The soap cleans well and gives the skin that squeaky feeling cleanliness when rinse but after drying them up using a cloth the skin remains moist and for me, a hardworking mom, I really need a cleanser that do the job well without any risk in breaking my skin off due to the dryness.

My hands are the one that suffer the most, I wash them like 20 times a day and adding washing the dishes, and other household chores, dry hands become inevitable. So I started using Castile Liquid Soap when I need to handle some babies related matters, etc and I'm noticing that my hands aren't so dry anymore. It helps a lot in terms of keeping them well.

I still doing the household chores but Castile Liquid Soap help giving the skin a good hydrating effect while keeping them clean.

Same goes with the body, it lathers well and cleans the skin nicely without drying effect. I think in the long run this olive oil base soap can help as an anti aging properties.


Next in line is the Sandalwood Vanilla, a bar soap with twirling colorful pattern on the bar. This is also a gentle soap (but the olive oil based is gentler of course) to be used on the body. The Sandalwood Vanilla is soft and not very vivid for me. Again, you can simply request if you need a string scented soap from The Soap Corner.

The bar soap is great for traveling as they don't have a chance to spill and ruin everything in the suitcase #Truestory.

Thank you The Soap Corner.

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